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Investigational Drug Service



Seattle Children's Investigational Drug Service (IDS) is a licensed pharmacy with extensive experience providing support and guidance for the safe and efficient conduct of clinical drug trials. The IDS is staffed by pharmacists and technicians who are specially trained in the research process. We ensure the delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical care by adhering to federal and state regulations, accreditation standards of The Joint Commission and institutional policies for investigational drug control.


The services provided by the IDS include tracking and storing study drugs, assisting investigators with drug-related aspects of study design and protocol development and providing technical consultation on drugs used in single-site and multicenter clinical trials. The following IDS services are offered to investigators upon request:

  • Study design and protocol development assistance
  • Dispensing and destroying study drugs or returning study drugs to sponsors 
  • Development of blinding systems and placebos
  • Labeling and packaging of study drugs
  • Multi-site drug distribution and monitoring
  • Freezer and refrigerator space that is monitored and alarmed to ensure proper storage conditions 
  • IND application development assistance
  • IRB submission and study budget assistance
  • Research pharmacy tours for study site selection visits
  • Consulting services on GMP and regulatory issues


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Looking for a researcher?