Health Equity Research Program

Health Equity Research Mentored Scholars Program

CDHE’s Health Equity Research Mentored Scholars Grant Program is funded by Seattle Children’s Research Institute (SCRI). It has two main goals:

  1. To support junior faculty focused on health equity and disparities research (inclusive of clinical, basic, and translational science) for a 2-year period to provide them the protected time and mentorship to be able to successfully apply for external funding (e.g., NIH K-series Career Development Award).
  2. To promote and support clinical, basic and translational research focused on reducing disparities and promoting equity in health and healthcare for children and families of underserved populations (i.e., minority race/ethnicity, limited English proficient, LGBTQ, differently abled, publicly insured).

Details and Eligibility

  • Funding covers a portion of the faculty member’s base salary and associated benefits, as well as project cost funds, for two years, beginning at the start of the fiscal year.
  • The applicant’s division or department will be required to match (or exceed) this level of support.
  • Applicants must be junior faculty who are current or pending members of an SCRI research center and will submit their K award or R level application through one of those centers.
  • By the end of the award period, or sooner, the scholar should have completed and submitted a K award, R level award, or equivalent.
  • Applicants must be able to commit two years at a minimum of 50% protected research time.

The application period for the FY21 award is now closed. Information on the FY22 award cycle will be posted late spring 2021. 

Current and Past Mentored Scholars


  • Christopher Lux, MD, PhD
    • Developing Next-Generation Gene Therapeutics for Sickle Cell and Thalassemia Patients 
    • Under the mentorship of David Rawlings, MD
  • Molly Fuentes, MD
    • Culturally Relevant Rehabilitation for American Indian/Alaska Native Children and Youth 
    • Under the mentorship of Tumaini Coker, MD, MPH


  • Beth Dawson-Hahn, MD
    • Adverse Experiences and Resilience in Refugee Families
    • Under the mentorship of Brian Saelens, PhD, and Jason Mendoza, MD, MPH