Listed below is a selection of recent publications from the Kaushansky Lab. See a complete list of Dr. Kaushansky’s publications on PubMed.

Plasmodium yoelii S4/CelTOS is important for sporozoite gliding motility and cell traversal. Steel RWJ, Pei Y, Camargo N, Kaushansky A, Dankwa DA, Martinson T, Nguyen T, Betz W, Cardamone H, Vigdorovich V, Dambrauskas N, Carbonetti S, Vaughan AM, Sather DN, Kappe SHICell Microbiol. 2018 Apr;20(4).

The promise of systems biology approaches for revealing host pathogen interactions in malaria. Zuck M,Austin LS, Danziger SA, Aitchison JD, Kaushansky A. Front Microbiol. 2017 Nov 16;8:2183 

Identifying host regulators and inhibitors of liver stage malaria infection using kinase activity profiles. Arang N, Kain HS, Glennon EK, Bello T, Dudgeon DR, Walter ENF, Gujral TS, Kaushansky ANat Commun. 2017 Nov 1;8(1):1232.

Selection and refinement: the malaria parasite's infection and exploitation of host hepatocytes. Kaushansky A, Kappe SH. Curr Opin Microbiol. 2015 Aug;26:71-8

Host ER stress during malaria parasite infection. Kaushansky A, Kappe SH. EMBO Rep. 2015 Aug;16(8):883-4. 

Host-based prophylaxis successfully targets liver stage malaria parasites. Douglass AN, Kain HS, Abdullahi M, Arang N,Austin LS, Mikolajczak SA, Billman ZP, Hume JCC, Murphy SC, Kappe SHI, Kaushansky A. Mol Ther. 2015 May;23(5):857-865

Plasmodium vivax liver stage development and hypnozoite persistence in human liver-chimeric mice. Mikolajczak SA, Vaughan AM, Kangwanrangsan N, Roobsoong W, Fishbaugher M, Yimamnuaychok N, Rezakhani N, Lakshmanan V, Singh N, Kaushansky A, Camargo N, Baldwin M, Lindner SE, Adams JH, Sattabongkot J, Kappe SH. Cell Host Microbe. 2015 Apr 8;17(4):526-35.

Malaria parasites target the hepatocyte receptor EphA2 for successful host infection. Kaushansky A, Douglass AN, Arang N, Vigdorovich V, Dambrauskas N, Kain HS, Austin LS, Sather DN, Kappe SH. Science. 2015 Nov 27;350(6264):1089-92 

Flow Cytometry-Based Assessment of Antibody Function Against Malaria Pre-erythrocytic Infection. Douglass AN, Metzger PG, Kappe SH,Kaushansky AMethods Mol Biol. 2015;1325:49-58

Suppression of host p53 is critical for Plasmodium liver-stage infection. Kaushansky A, Ye AS, Austin LS, Mikolajczak SA, Vaughan AM, Camargo N, Metzger PG, Douglass AN, MacBeath G, Kappe SH. Cell Rep. 2013 Mar 28;3(3):630-7.