Rabbitts Lab

Selected Publications

  1. Murray, C., Bartlett, A., Meyyappan, M., Palermo, T., Aaron, R., Rabbitts, J.A. A pilot feasibility and acceptability study of an internet-delivered psychosocial intervention to reduce postoperative pain in adolescents undergoing spinal fusion. Canadian Journal of Pain, 6(1):12-23, 2022.
  2. Ellyson, A., Gordon, G., Zhou, C., Rabbitts, J.A. Trajectories, risk factors, and impact of persistent pain after major musculoskeletal surgery in adolescents: a replication study. Journal of Pain, DOI: 10.1016/j.jpain.2021.12.009. 
  3. Groenewald, C.B., Lee, H.H., Jimenez, N., Ehie, O., Rabbitts, J.A. Racial and ethnic differences in pediatric surgery utilization in the United States. Journal of Pediatric Surgery, DOI: doi.org/10.1016/j.jpedsurg.2021.10.011.
  4. Ellyson, A., Powelson, E.B., Groenewald, C.B., Rabbitts, J.A. Healthcare utilization and costs among pediatric patients with chronic pain after major musculoskeletal surgery. Pediatric Anesthesia, 32(4):577-578, 2022.
  5. Powelson, E.B., Chandra, N.A., Jessen-Fiddick, J., Zhou, C., Rabbitts, J.A. A Brief Measure Assessing Adolescents’ Daily In-Hospital Function Predicts Pain and Health Outcomes at Home After Major Surgery. DOI: 10.1093/pm/pnac033.
  6. Psychosocial predictors of acute and chronic pain in adolescents undergoing major musculoskeletal surgery. Rabbitts, J.A., Palermo, T.M., Zhou, C., Meyyappan, A., Chen, L. J Pain 21(11-12):1236-1246, 2020.
  7. A conceptual model of biopsychosocial mechanisms of transition from acute to chronic postsurgical pain in children and adolescents. Rabbitts, J.A., Palermo, T.M., Lang, E.A. Journal of Pain Research 24(13):3071-3080, 2020.
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  9. Bayman, E.O., Oleson, J.,J., Rabbitts, J.A. AAAPT: Assessment of the Acute Pain Trajectory. Pain Medicine, Pain Medicine 22(3):533–547, 2021. 
  10. Perioperative Care for Adolescents Undergoing Major Surgery: A Biopsychosocial Conceptual Framework. Rabbitts, J.A., Kain, Z.  Anesthesia and Analgesia, 129(4):1181-4, 2019.
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  12. Trajectories of postsurgical pain in children: risk factors and impact of late pain recovery on long-term health outcomes after major surgery. Rabbitts, JA, Zhou, C., Groenewald, CB, Durkin, LK, Palermo, TM. PAIN. 156(11):2383-9, 2015.
  13. Pain and Health-Related Quality of Life after Pediatric Inpatient Surgery. Rabbitts, JA, Palermo, TM, Zhou, C., Mangione-Smith, R. J Pain. 16(12):1334-41, 2015.
  14. Prevalence and predictors of chronic postsurgical pain in children: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Rabbitts, JA, Fisher, E, Rosenbloom, BN, Palermo, TM. J Pain. 18(6):605-614, 2017.
  15. Longitudinal and temporal associations between daily pain and sleep patterns after major pediatric surgery. J Pain. 18(6):656-663, 2017. Rabbitts, JA, Zhou, C, Narayanan, A, Palermo, TM:
  16. Long-term pain and recovery after major pediatric surgery: A qualitative study with teens, parents, and perioperative care providers. Rabbitts, JA, Aaron, RV, Fisher, E, Lang, EA, Bridgwater, C, Tai, GG, Palermo, TM. J Pain 18(7):778-786, 2017.
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  18. Agreement between Parent Proxy- and Child Self-Reports of Pain Intensity and Health-Related Quality of Life after Inpatient Surgery. Lifland, BE, Mangione-Smith, R., Palermo, TM, Rabbitts, JA. Acad Pediatr.18(4):376-383, 2018.

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