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iKnow IT: Benchmarking and Context for Pediatric Kidney Transplants

woman and girl at laptopKidney transplants are a rare procedure. People who need a kidney transplant have often never met anyone else who has had one and don't know if what they are experiencing is typical or not. Our team is working to create a benchmarking tool that aims to:

  • Help patients understand what a typical kidney transplant experience looks like.
  • If a child is not having a typical experience, identify how to manage what they are experiencing and how to move them closer to a more typical experience.
  • Help patients understand their experience in the context of their values and priorities. Rather than only comparing what a child is experiencing to another child of a similar age or with a similar condition, patients can also gain insight into what matters most to them. For example, if a patient is a soccer player or straight-A student, they would be able to see if others who had transplants played sports or succeeded academically after a transplant.

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