EPIC Observational Study

The EPIC Observational Study: Longitudinal Assessment of Risk Factors for and Impact of Pseudomonas

The EPIC Observational Study (EPIC Obs) is a prospective, longitudinal investigation of early cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease. The study began in 2004, enrolling 1,800 children at 55 U.S. pediatric CF centers, and will continue until 2019. The objectives of the study include:

  • Evaluating risk factors and outcomes associated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other CF pathogens such as Staphyloccocus aureus in young CF patients
  • Identifying genetic modifiers of chronic Pseudomonas infection and other features of CF lung disease
  • Finding biomarkers associated with CF pathogenesis, disease progression and clinical outcomes

Resources for Investigators

Since 2004, research teams have collected data and clinical specimens from children with CF who were enrolled in EPIC Obs. We offer investigators access to these samples to use for current and future ancillary studies designed to enhance the understating of CF. Visit the Investigator Resources page to learn more.


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