Craniofacial Outcomes Research and Epidemiology (CORE) Group

The Craniofacial Outcomes Research and Epidemiology (CORE) group unites researchers around a shared vision: to collaborate on discoveries that advance our understanding of the causes of craniofacial conditions and to improve healthcare for children with conditions affecting the head and neck.

The CORE team conducts clinical research that aims to understand how and why craniofacial conditions occur. The team is working to identify treatments that lead to improved outcomes for children with craniofacial conditions. The CORE team is partnering with individuals and families with craniofacial conditions to identify areas for future research that are of mutual interest to the families and our team.

While projects under the CORE umbrella are tied to individual researchers, the CORE collaboration allows researchers to get input and feedback from colleagues with different areas of expertise. This partnership allows investigators to draw on one another's skills in areas ranging from healthcare experience and outcomes research to genetics to 3-D facial imaging, sparking a comprehensive approach that helps unravel all facets of these complicated conditions.

CORE team experts have decades of craniofacial research experience, giving them specialized insight that helps investigators design and conduct studies in ways that maximize success.

For more information on CORE, please contact Angela Mills.

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Recent News

Studying the causes of microtia and craniofacial microsomia

We are excited to celebrate National Microtia Awareness Day on November 9!

Our research team continues to work with our national and international partners in the Craniofacial microsomia: Accelerating Understanding of the Significance and Etiology (CAUSE) study to learn more about the causes of microtia and CFM. This summer, team members had the opportunity to attend two picnics organized by Melissa Tumblin and the “Ear Community” to enroll families into the CAUSE study! We attended the Fullerton, California picnic on June 15, and the Broomfield, Colorado picnic on July 13. Our research team also attended the 8th annual NW Microtia/Atresia Picnic hosted by Jodi Sternoff in Bellevue, Washington, on September 7. These were amazing experiences to meet members of the community. Thank you to all the families who have participated in this important research!  

This week, the lead investigator (Dr. Daniela Luquetti) met with team members in Brazil to discuss the CAUSE study at the annual ECLAMC meeting. What a perfect way to honor Microtia Awareness Day!

We are open for enrollment in this 5-year study and have opportunities for participation at 4 U.S. sites, in additional to international sites. For more information, please check out the CAUSE study website.

Albert Hsu, Jodi Sternoff, Eva Sternoff, Laura Stueckle  Albert Hsu, Eva Sternoff, Jodi Sternoff and Laura Stueckle at the Seattle Picnic.

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