The Craniofacial Outcomes Research and Epidemiology (CORE) group unites researchers around a shared vision: to collaborate on discoveries that advance our understanding of the causes of craniofacial conditions and improve healthcare for children with conditions affecting the head and neck.

CORE investigators conduct clinical research that aims to understand the epidemiology of craniofacial conditions and to identify treatments that lead to improved outcomes for those conditions.

While projects under the CORE umbrella are tied to individual researchers, CORE provides a venue for them to get input and feedback from colleagues with different specialties. This allows investigators to draw on one another's expertise in areas ranging from epidemiology to genetics to mouse modeling to 3-D facial imaging, sparking a comprehensive approach that helps unravel all facets of these complicated disorders.

CORE is home to a full-time resource team that includes a clinical research assistant, a data analyst, a medical photographer and a research coordinator. These experts have years of craniofacial research experience, giving them specialized insight that helps investigators design and conduct studies in ways that maximize success.

This infrastructure is available to researchers and clinicians throughout Seattle Children's Craniofacial Center, extending research capacity by providing tools that benefits all CORE members and collaborators.

For more information on CORE, please contact Laura Stueckle.

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