Translational Research Ignition Projects Program

The purpose of the Translational Research Ignition Projects Program (TRIPP) is to cultivate outstanding new translational research, stimulate preliminary data in novel research directions and ultimately to launch new nationally funded translational research programs within Seattle Children's Research Institute.

TRIPP funding is intended to encourage collaborative partnerships and generate grant applications. Proposals focused on the translation of basic research observations towards clinical applications or clinical observations that may further laboratory research will be considered. There are no limitations on research topic as long as the scientific question is innovative and translational.


  • Amount awarded will be up to $50,000. Payment of indirect costs is not allowed for this award.
  • Projects are one year in length. Without exception, project funds must be expended by September 30, 2016. No-cost extensions are not allowed for this award.

Allowable Costs

  • Personnel and/or investigator salary
  • Supplies and research equipment
  • Other expenses, such as fees for core services


  • Applicants must be a Seattle Children's-based investigator with a faculty appointment and a member of the CCTR.
  • Fellows or other trainees may be co-PI's; however, a faculty mentor must serve as the PI.