Clinical Research Scholars Program

CRSP Award Recipients

2020-2021 Scholars

Mary Crocker, MD – Pulmonary/Sleep Medicine

Understanding Participant Factors in the Scale-up of a Community Health Worker Asthma Program

BreAnna Kinghorn MD – Pulmonary/Sleep Medicine

Association of Genotype and Structural Lung Disease in Children with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

Angela Steineck, MD – Hematology/Oncology

Integrating the Voices of Children Into Treatment with Chimeric Antiqen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy

2019-2020 Scholars

Corrie McDaniel, MD – Hospital Medicine

Development and Validation of a Pediatric Hospitalization Admission Quality Measure

Jori Bogetz, MD – Bioethics/Palliative Care

Development of a Communication Tool for Relationship-Building Between Clinicians and Parents of Children with Severe NeuroloQical Impairment (SNI)

Randall Bly, MD – Otolarynology

Surgical Semantic Atlas to Improve Surgical Planning for Pediatric Cranial Base and Head and Neck Surgery

2018-2019 Scholars

Catherine Albert, MD – Hematology/Oncology

STRIveE-01: Phase I Study of EGFR806 CAR T Cell Immunotherapy for recurrent/refractory solid tumors in children and young adults

Mersine Bryan, MD, MPH – Hospital Medicine

Identifying mechanisms to promote vaccination during and after hospitalization 

Tyler Ketterl, MD – Hematology/Oncology

Pilot Study of a Resistance Training Intervention In Adolescent and Young Adult Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Survivors

Stephanie Kraft, JD – Bioethics

Demonstrating respect for persons in research recruitment, informed consent, and enrollment

Chikara Ogimi, MD – Infectious Diseases

Impact of Cumulative Respiratory Viral Exposure after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

2017–2018 Scholars

Colleen Annesley, MD – Hematology-Oncology 

Pediatric and young adult leukemia adoptive therapy (PLAT)-03: a pilot feasibility and safety study of CD19t t-antigen presenting cells (T-APCs) following CAR T cell immunotherapy for CD19+ leukemia

Jonathan Cogen, MD – Pulmonary 

Evaluation of treatment practices for pediatric inpatient cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbation 

Anna Hedstrom, MD – Neonatology 

Use of the respiratory severity score (RSS) to predict intubation (CPAP failure) in very preterm neonates  

Nicole Poole, MD – Infectious Disease

Identifying antimicrobial stewardship targets and testing a novel intervention to improve the quality of antibiotic prescribing for children in rural family medicine clinics

Elliott Weiss, MD – Neonatology

Parental attitudes in neonatal clinical trial enrollment: decision-making preferences and reasoning among participants and non-participants

2016–2017 Scholars 

Lusine Ambartsumyan, MD – Gastroenterology 

Intra-anal pressure profiles and defecation dynamics in children with anorectal malformations (ARMs) using 3D high-definition anorectal manometry (HDARM) and its role in predicting fecal continence 

Laurie Eldredge, MD – Pulmonary 

The role of macrophages in hyperoxia-included lung injury and BPD 

Aaron Wightman, MD – Nephrology 

Caregiver burden in pediatric dialysis

Dan Zhao, MD – Rheumatology  

Applying infrared thermal imaging to the management and monitoring of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

2015–2016 Scholars

Dale Lee, MD, MSCE – Gastroenterology

Evaluating the role of dietary additives in Crohn’s disease course

Katie Nielsen, MD, MPH – Critical Care

Comparing efficacy of modes of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation for preventing reintubation at Instituto Nacional de Salud del Nino in Lima, Peru

Kacey Leger, MD, MSc – Hematology/Oncology

Novel markers of cardiotoxicity to in children treated with anthracycline chemotherapy

Ari Pollack, MD, MA, MS – Nephrology 

Leveraging physicians and user centered design strategies to develop novel clinical information tools

2014–2015 Scholars

Claudia Crowell, MD – Infectious Disease

Improving neurodevelopmental outcomes of HIV-infected children in Kenya

Amelie von Saint Andre - von Arnim, MD, PhD – Critical Care

Non-invasive respiratory support for young children with acute lower respiratory infections in sub-Saharan Africa

Alpana Waghmare, MD – Infectious Disease

Viral factors of disease severity in human rhinovirus infection following transplantation

Kelly Evans, MD, MS – Craniofacial Medicine

Sleep and ecological factors in infants with craniofacial conditions

2013–2014 Scholars

Matthew (Boots) Kronman, MD, MSCE – Infectious Disease

Identifying targets for and improving antimicrobial stewardship among pediatric surgical inpatients

Ann Dahlberg, MD – Hematology/Oncology

Hematopoietic stem cell expansion for supportive care following myelosuppressive chemotherapy

2012–2013 Scholars

Joyce Yi-Frazier, PhD – Endocrinology

Resilience and stress in pre-adolescents with type 1 diabetes (T1D)

Abby Rosenberg, MD, MS – Hematology/Oncology

Promoting resilience during and after childhood cancer

2011–2012 Scholars

Molly Adrian, PhD – Psychiatry

Parental validation and emotion expression as mediators of change for suicidal adolescents in psychotherapy

Rebecca Gardner, MD – Hematology/Oncology

A phase I trial of autologous T cells genetically modified to express a CD19 specific chimeric antigen receptor to treat pediatric relapsed/refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Jennifer Rabbitts, MB ChB – Anesthesiology

Predictors of the longitudinal course of postoperative pain in children undergoing major surgery

Evelyn Hsu, MD – Gastroenterology

National and regional analysis of exceptions to the Pediatric End-Stage Liver Disease (PELD) Scoring System

Susan Shenoi, MD – Rheumatology

Environmental risk factors and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)

Kyle Steinman, MD – Neurology

Verbal and non-verbal semantic knowledge in autism and their neuroanatomic correlates

Neil Uspal, MD – Emergency Medicine

Variation in the use of procedural sedation for incision and drainage of skin abscesses in pediatric hospital emergency departments