CCTR News Winter 2018

Spotlight on Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Research

Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine has a diverse slate of research studies being conducted including collaborations with investigators throughout Seattle Children’s. Read about some of our member’s research currently going on.

Special Feature on Bioethics Research

There is no one path to become a bioethicist. The researchers in bioethics apply their diverse training on a range of topics within medicine and science to research projects within the center and in collaboration with investigators throughout Seattle Children’s. Read a sampling of research projects going on within the center.

Pediatric Clinical Research Center Rate Changes Effective March 2018

To sustain current operations, the Pediatric Clinical Research Center (PCRC) is introducing new rates for all open studies effective March 1, 2018. Non-industry trial subsidies for CCTR members will remain in effect, and study startup costs will be unchanged. The new rates are listed on the PCRC web page. Please check with your grants and contracts administrator for budget implications. If you have any concerns regarding this change, please contact PCRC Director, Laura Baker.

Faculty Research Support Fund Accepting Applications for FY18

The Faculty Research Support Fund (FRSF) provides a max of $5,000 of in-kind support to CCTR investigators with limited or no funding who wish to initiate a research project or for investigators who may need additional funds to complete a funded research project. Applications are reviewed monthly at the CCTR Steering Committee meetings. Learn more about the applications process on the FRSF web page. Questions? Email the FRSF Program Coordinator.

Member News

  • Clinical Research Scholars Program Award Recipients
    • Colleen Annesley, MD – Pediatric and young adult leukemia adoptive therapy (PLAT)-03: a pilot feasibility and safety study of CD19t t-antigen presenting cells (T-APCs) following CAR T cell immunotherapy for CD19+ leukemia
    • Jonathan Cogen, MD – Evaluation of treatment practices for pediatric inpatient cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbation 
    • Anna Hedstrom, MD – Use of the respiratory severity score (RSS) to predict intubation (CPAP failure) in very preterm neonates 
    • Nicole Poole, MD – Identifying antimicrobial stewardship targets and testing a novel intervention to improve the quality of antibiotic prescribing for children in rural family medicine clinics
    • Elliott Weiss, MD – Parental attitudes in neonatal clinical trial enrollment: decision-making preferences and reasoning among participants and non-participants 
  • Pediatric Pilot Funds Recipient
    • Nanibaa' Garrison, PhD – Perspectives and attitudes on genetic research in the Navajo Nation
  • Publications