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Help Us Cure Childhood Cancer

Help us Cure Childhood Cancer 220

Ben Towne's parents, Jeff and Carin Towne, are vital supporters of our work toward a cure.

Benjamin Ward Towne was born on July 17, 2005. He was a fiercely determined, loving little boy who enjoyed cars, sports, the beach and his family.

Just a month after his second birthday, Ben was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma.

His treatment included six courses of chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation and more.

Ben lost his battle with cancer when he was just three years old. But his family and friends have continued their fight.

We're honored to pursue this work in Ben's name, and we need your help.

We Can Eliminate Harmful Cancer Treatments

Twenty years from now, harmful treatments like chemotherapy could be a thing of the past. But we can't make this progress without private donors' support.

Federal dollars aren't enough. Pediatric cancer research receives less than 3% of the National Cancer Institute's overall funding. The grants that do exist are becoming more competitive and don't fund clinical trials or cover patients' costs of participating in them. Many promising projects are abandoned simply because of a lack of funding. That's where you come in.

Your Donation Helps Bring Cures to Patients

Individual donors can support the entire process of bringing cures from the laboratory to the bedside. Whether it's investing in the basic research that's the foundation of any new treatment, enabling our researchers to buy top-of-the-line-equipment, or helping care for patients in clinical trials, your support is vital to finding a cure.

To learn more about how your investment can speed our progress and start saving children today, email Jennifer Lowe.

If you are interested in supporting the advancement of immunotherapy and cancer research at Seattle Children’s, please visit our donation page.