Our Story

Building a Research “Dream Team”

Our Team

Our TeamIt's one thing to cure a mouse in a lab. Curing a child is an entirely different - and far more complicated - matter. To accomplish this, we assembled a "dream team" of experts with a track record of guiding discoveries from the research bench to the hospital bedside.

Our faculty and staff have decades of experience at top biotech companies and research organizations. They have been involved in developing and testing powerful new therapies for everything from breast cancer to leukemia to rheumatoid arthritis. They have guided these therapies toward FDA approval. And now they're united by a single goal: Do the same thing for childhood cancer.

State-of-the-art facility accelerates progress toward cures

To accelerate our team's progress, Seattle Children's Research Institute completed a state-of-the-art facility - the Olive Lab in downtown Seattle - that catapulted us forward in the cancer research field. The lab's centerpiece is a multi-million-dollar Therapeutic Cell Production Core (TCPC), which is one of just three pediatric facilities that meet the FDA's strict requirements for manufacturing therapies.

This biofactory is where technicians carefully manipulate the genes inside immune cells and arm them against cancer. Having this facility in house gives our team complete control over every part of the therapy development process, helping guarantee that treatments are as safe and effective as possible, and shortening the time it takes to bring cures to children who have already waited too long.