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Meet the New Interns

Meet the Interns that Joined the SCITL Lab in 2021

InternMorganBowles-150x150.jpg Morgan Bowles
Morgan is a junior at the University of Washington working towards graduation in the class of 2023 with a BS in psychology and a minor in English: Writing. Morgan is currently on the gymnastics team at UW and enjoys competing for the school as well as creating relationships with teammates and younger fans. Post-college, Morgan plans on getting a PhD in general Psychology in hopes of becoming a hospital Psychologist. Working with the Seattle research institute is important to Morgan because it is one of the first stepping stones in her career path and allows for hands on work with data, and analysis of the cognitive development of children.

InternKyndalWaldo-150x150.jpgKyndal Waldo
Kyndal is a freshman at the University of Washington majoring in Psychology. She has experience working with children with disabilities and is hoping to pursue a degree in Child Clinical Psychology after her undergraduate degree. Kyndal has a specific interest in working with children with ASD and other developmental / psychological differences. As an intern, Kyndal is excited to begin involvement in developmental and child research at the SCITL Lab.


InternKatieHegerberg-150x150.jpgKatie Hegerberg
Katie is a junior at University of Washington majoring in Psychology and minoring in Data Science. She joined SCITL because she is interested in the cognitive development of children and hopes to pursue a career in pediatric psychology. Outside the lab, Katie enjoys reading, exploring the Pacific Northwest, and playing with the Husky Marching Band.


InternAryaAjwani.pngArya Ajwani
Arya is a junior at UW in the class of 2023. She loves working with children and has an interest in therapy, which is why she is working towards a major in Psychology. Arya enjoys is Korean culture, especially the language, music, and dramas and is pursuing a minor in Korean. Out of everything she’s learned through interning with the SCITL lab, Arya shares that she enjoys all of the data entry the most, as it makes her feel like part of the study.


InternMegRenninger.pngMeg Reninger
Meg is a senior majoring in neuroscience, graduating in the spring of 2022. She was drawn to neuroscience because of its unique combination of biochemistry, biology, and psychology, as well as its applications to everyday life and how we understand ourselves. In her free time, Meg love reading and going to bookstores. As an intern, Meg enjoys that each day looks a little different. Somedays she helps with participant meetings and data collection, and others she gets to see the behind-the-scenes administrative side of clinical research.


InternAryamanGala.pngAryaman Gala
Aryaman is a senior majoring in Neuroscience. He is interested in eye tracking to identify neural markers of ASD and the analytical methods used to map social brain development. Aryaman previously work in the Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation Design Lab where he applied computational and statistical techniques to investigate the changes in neural activity in response to optogenetics. Aryaman’s future include pursing graduate studies in Computational Neuroscience with the goal of integrating technological faculties with Neuroscience to further understand and address neurological disorders.

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