Thank You, TIDES Participants!

Thanks to the families who participated in the Infant Development and Environment Study (TIDES), we are making important discoveries about how chemicals affect babies.

Our work suggests that prenatal exposure to common chemicals (phthalates) in our diet and homes may affect the reproductive tract development of boys but not that of girls. These results were affected by the amount of stress that the mom reported during pregnancy.

We also found that women’s attitudes about phthalates and other environmental chemicals vary widely and can influence their consumer choices and the amount of these chemicals to that they are exposed to.

Because of our study’s success and our findings’ importance, the National Institutes of Health has funded a second phase of the study, TIDES II. This will allow us to continue following your children and see how early exposures shape development in the preschool years. We hope you will continue to be part of this important research.

What does participation in TIDES II involve?

Participation in TIDES II will consist of:

  • An online questionnaire to be completed prior to the study visit
  • A few additional surveys at the first study visit
  • The following measurements on your TIDES child: height, weight, skin folds, blood pressure, finger length and collection of a urine specimen
  • Two study visits for each participating family over the course of three years.
  • The second study visit will repeat the same measures on the TIDES child, and include an assessment of play behavior of the TIDES child.
  • Questionnaires from the first study visit will be repeated at the second study visit.

Participant families (mother and child) will receive $75 in gift cards for the first visit and $125 in gift cards for the second visit, totaling $200 in gift cards for the completion of all study components.

Next Steps

If you agreed to be contacted for further participation when TIDES I was ending, the TIDES II study coordinator will contact you via email and/or phone to determine your interest in participating in TIDES II. If you agree to participate, we will schedule you and your child for your first clinic visit. We very much look forward to being in contact with you again!

Study Visit Location

Mother and child study visits for TIDES II will take place at Seattle Children’s Research Institute’s West 8th building in downtown Seattle. Parking in the West 8th garage is free for our TIDES participants.

If you have questions, please email Suzanne Peck.

To learn more about our latest progress, see the TIDES II newsletter: