Funding Opportunities

CCHBD Hearst Foundation Fellowship Awards

The CCHBD Hearst Foundation Fellowship Awards promote research on how to improve health and behavioral outcomes in vulnerable populations.

Award Details

Each year, a small number of CHBD members are awarded up to $8,000 (FY2012) to pursue innovative research projects. These fellowships have been used to study a diverse set of issues including childhood obesity, chronic pain and parent-provider communication.

The selection criteria include the proposed work's potential significance, the quality of methods to be used, and the likelihood that the results will be published. All projects are expected to produce results within one year.

CCHBD Members: How to Apply

All applicants to the Hearst Foundation Fellowship Award must be current members of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development. To apply for a fellowship, please submit a written proposal that follows the following format:

Section I: Background and specific aims (half page)

Section II: Methods (one page)

Section III: Significance/implications of findings (half page)

Section IV: Budget

Applications should be single-spaced in 12-point type and include a letter of support from the project's mentor.

Please email applications to the selection committee's three members: Dimitri Christakis, Brent Collett and Cari McCarty. The deadline is March 15.