The goal of the Acti-Core is to facilitate new collaborations among investigators and departments by providing support services for the use of actigraphy.

The Acti-Core is housed in the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development (CCHBD) under the leadership of Dr. Tonya Palermo and currently supports actigraphy needs in CCHBD and the Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR) in a cost-effective manner. Seattle Children's Research Institute investigators and fellows are able to draw on this experienced group for their actigraphy needs on small and larger projects.

Actigraphy is a tool that can be used to objectively assess sleep-wake patterns and activity levels by having study participants wear an Actiwatch, a small watch-like device typically worn on the wrist.


Acti-Core services include:

  • A consultation meeting with Dr. Palermo to determine if the Acti-Core's services would be useful for your study, as well as a preliminary assessment of your study needs and estimates of cost for actigraphy services
  • Assistance with descriptions and scripts for grants and IRB protocols
  • Collaboration in determining the optimal number of devices for the study
  • Assistance with study logistics for distributing watches, increasing participant compliance and return of watches
  • Adaptation of a sleep diary to assist with the scoring of your data and collection of any additional daily data you would like to collect
  • Device set-up, data retrieval, data scoring by hand and data cleaning and exporting
    • Equipment and software
      • The Acti-Core primarily uses Actiwatch2 (AW2) devices (Phillips Respironics/MiniMitter Company Inc., Bend, Oregon).
        • The AW2 is a reliable, unobtrusive device. It is water-resistant and equipped with a light sensor and event marker.
    • The Actiware software used by the core is version 5.71.0.
    • The Acti-Core can also provide support services for several ActiGraph devices, including the GT3X (ActiGraph, Pensacola, Florida).
  • Creation of an Actiware database for your study and tracking documents for your actigraphy data
  • Ongoing coordination with your study staff throughout data collection to ensure prompt and complete data collection
  • Assistance with setting up your actigraphy data for data analysis

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