Seattle Children's Research Institute is supported in large part by fundraising activities from guilds made up of groups of friends and families. In fiscal year 2013, combined efforts of all guilds raised $3 million for research programs.

This fundraising has a tremendous impact on work at the research institute, helping attract and retain the best scientists and accelerate research breakthroughs. Please join us by getting involved.

Join a Guild

There are currently 450 guilds in the state of Washington, each unique in personality and activities. We can help identify a guild in your area that conducts an event or project that fits your interests. Build friendships, make memories and have fun!

Call Seattle Children's Guild Association at 206-987-2153, email us or complete and submit our guild placement form.

Learn more about our research guilds and their activities and impact.

Current research guilds

Brain tumor research  

Cancer research  

Neuroblastoma research  

Prematurity and stillbirth  

Other research  

Start a Guild

More than 15 new guilds are formed every year, supporting research programs, clinical areas and uncompensated care. Develop your own guild to help support your passion.

To learn more about gathering a group of friends and starting a guild for Seattle Children's Research Institute, please complete and submit our Start a Guild packet request form.

Attend a Guild Event

Our guilds hold a variety of events from formal galas, runs/walks, golf tournaments, wine tastings and so much more. Come experience the fun and see what passion can do!

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