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  • Healthlink: Toddler Sports  (00:02:56)

    Dr. Monique Burton, ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Kids' Fever  (00:03:00)

    Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson discusses new advice from the AAP on the use of fever-reducing medicine in children.

  • I Am Seattle Children's: Art That Heals  (00:02:44)

    In the first of our monthly “I Am Seattle Children’s” video stories, you will meet nurse Megan Levisen.

    For young ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Teen Suicide Prevention  (00:03:02)

    Dr. Robert Hilt, director of Psychiatric Emergency Services at Seattle Children's, discusses the problem of inadequate ... cont.

  • Healthlink: Teen Optimism  (00:05:19)

    Dr. Leslie Walker, chief of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Children's, comments on a new study finding optimism is good for ... cont.

  • Uncompensated Care at Seattle Children's Hospital  (00:04:09)
    Seattle Children’s families and providers talk about the importance of uncompensated care for children in our region.
  • 504 Plans for Children with Hearing Loss  (01:57:42)

    Childhood Communication Center video: 504 Plans for Children with Hearing Loss

  • Healthlink: Tyrell's Fight  (00:03:02)

    An update on Seattle Children’s patient Tyrell Cummings, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2007.

  • Healthlink: Childhood Obesity 2011

    Teen weight management programs are slowly taking root at universities across the country. Locally, a program called the ACT ... cont.

  • Parental Requests for Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation in Children with Overwhelming Neurological Injury  (1:01:44)

    Sconyers/Godfrey Bioethics Grand Rounds

    Commentator: Walter Robinson, MD, MPH, Associate Professor ... cont.

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