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  • Every Child, Every Day (Spanish)  (00:31)

    Spanish-language version of our "Every Child, Every Day" television ad.

  • Seattle Children's Opinion Sandbox: Your Opinion Matters  (0:01:32)

    Seattle Children’s is actively recruiting parent volunteers to participate in an online survey panel. Parents with or ... cont.

  • Aiming Higher: Ethical Challenges in the Care of Children Without Parents  (1:04:18)

    Maureen Kelley, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, University of Washington

  • Hope, Emotions and the Provision of Pediatric Palliative Care  (1:04:18)

    Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

  • The Miracle Season 2011  (0:57:53)

    The Miracle Season, hosted by Steve Pool and Molly Shen, aired December 10, 2011, on KOMO 4 TV. It celebrated the lives of ... cont.

  • Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association  (0:08:45)

    Seattle Children's Hospital ... cont.

  • How Much Salt Is OK for Kids?: Seattle Mama Doc 101  (0:02:42)

    Learn about the dangers of too much salt in our kid's diets and what we can do to decrease salt use in the household and ... cont.

  • I Am Seattle Children's: Swim Lessons for Life  (0:02:35)

    In this episode, you will meet a member of the  cont.

  • Should I Take My Child to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care?  (0:03:34)

    Deciding when to take your child to an urgent care clinic instead of the emergency room can be a confusing choice for ... cont.

  • Children's Circle of Care: Completing the Circle  (0:03:34)

    They come from all walks of life. Despite life’s challenges, they found ways to heal…ways to move forward…a way to give ... cont.

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  • Cold Water Shock Can Quickly Cause Drowning
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  • Bystanders Can Intervene to Stop Bullying

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