Information About Measles in Our Community

July 8–10: Inpatient Unit Exposure

A nurse who works in one of our inpatient units has tested positive for measles, and was potentially contagious while working night shifts July 8–10.

The nurse was exposed when caring for a patient who had tested positive for measles. The nurse was vaccinated and used personal protective equipment. The patient was in appropriate isolation.

We reported the situation to the Washington State Department of Health and Public Health – Seattle & King County.

If you were potentially exposed to measles during a recent visit to Seattle Children’s, you are being contacted with instructions about what to do next.

June 22, 25, 26: Emergency Department Exposure

A patient who arrived at our Emergency Department (ED) on June 22, June 25 and June 26 has tested positive for measles. During each visit, ED staff members followed the appropriate screening processes but the patient’s symptoms did not suggest measles until their third visit on June 26. Immediately, we implemented infection control procedures, which include isolating the patient and their family.

As part of our standard process, we reported the event to Public Health – Seattle & King County. We also have contacted all patients and families who may have been exposed with instructions about what to do next.

What is Seattle Children’s doing to protect patients, families and staff from measles?

  • We are screening all patients and families at entrances. If the screening suggests measles, we keep them isolated and follow our strict infection prevention procedures.
  • Staff are vaccinated for measles. They also follow patient isolation protocols and wear personal protective equipment when caring for patients with measles.
  • We are contacting all patients and families who may have been exposed, with instructions on what to do next.

I am concerned about measles. What should I do?

  • According to the CDC, measles can be prevented with the MMR vaccine. Please make sure you are vaccinated.
  • If you or your child has a fever AND a new rash on the face, call your PCP.
  • If you have these symptoms and have an appointment at Seattle Children’s, call your clinic before arriving. A staff member will give you instructions. If you have these symptoms and are considering coming to Seattle Children’s Emergency Department or Urgent Care, call 206-987-8899 before arriving.
  • To learn more about measles, visit