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Robin Sequence Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of Robin Sequence

Babies born with Robin sequence (RS) may have cleft palate (roof of the mouth), micrognathia (small jaw) and glossoptosis (obstructing the airway).

The cleft palate is typically rounded, sometimes called U-shaped, in comparison with the more common V-shaped cleft seen in other conditions.

The baby also has a much smaller jaw marked by a receding chin. The tongue can appear large due to the small jaw and is often held far back in the throat.

Robin Sequence Diagnosis

To diagnose this condition, your doctor will examine your child carefully. An exam may be all that's needed for diagnosis.

When a baby is born with RS, it is important to be sure they have no other abnormal conditions. In the first several months of life, the jaw often grows enough to improve breathing symptoms, but some children need surgery.

So your doctor may do tests to check for other conditions.