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Information Technology Services

Services We Offer

Seattle Children’s Information Technology (IT) Department offers platform services that align with and are integrated into the work of our business partners — the teams across the organization that we provide services to — and support services that enable the delivery of the platform services.

Platform Services

  • Our Business Management Applications team supports several of the major, non-clinical applications at Seattle Children’s.

    Services include:

    • Computer fixes
    • Enhancements
    • Implementation of new systems
    • Major changes to existing systems

    Our customers at Seattle Children’s include Accounting, Accounts Payable, Contact Center (call center), Finance, Human Resources, IT, Materials Management, Sourcing and users of certain computer applications.

  • Our Care Orchestration and Integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) team delivers an integrated health record for patients and families. We provide tools for staff and faculty members in our busy Emergency Department at Seattle Children’s Hospital campus, operating rooms in Bellevue and Seattle, acute and intensive care units, and specialty and primary care settings in Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

    Services include:

    • Building and maintaining electronic medical record functionalities that support documentation, ordering, patient monitoring and efficient clinical workflows across the region
    • Providing support for our clinicians to safely order, dispense and give medications throughout the organization
    • Providing secure websites where families and patients can review test results, request medication refills, contact providers, request appointments and pay bills
    • Providing scheduling and registration applications to help collect all of the information needed to schedule a patient for an appointment, surgery or admission
    • Providing appropriate and timely access to a patient’s medical record for treatment, payment and operations for users internally and externally
    • Providing a help desk for patients and families to provide support for patient portal access and troubleshooting
    • Providing the mechanisms by which images can be easily and securely integrated into the patient’s medical record, as well as monitoring and supporting image access and storing of protected imaging
  • The vision for Seattle Children’s Enterprise Analytics is to power data innovation that drives action to improve the lives of patients and families. Our Enterprise Analytics team includes leaders across Seattle Children’s hospital, research institute , foundation and IT department. We work closely with these groups to leverage advanced analytics to transform care, grow and accelerate research, and engage and enrich communities.

    Our customers include researchers, clinicians, senior leaders, Strategy and Business Development department, Finance, Revenue Cycle, Supply Chain, data analysts, computation biologists, data scientists, fundraisers, IT, external collaborators and more.

    Services include:

    • Pulse – Dashboarding framework leveraged across the system to streamline and unify decision-making processes.
    • QI Advisor – Self-service tool that puts data in the hands of clinicians quickly to help improve the quality of care. This tool is part of our quality improvement (QI) work.
    • CDR – Population analytics self-service tool helping researchers explore clinical record data and build cohorts aiding in hypotheses generation, research enrichment and grant writing.
    • FutureFlowRX – A predictive analytics tool that uses discrete event simulation to predict hospital census over several days. This allows operational decisions to be supported by accurate “weather reports” of future system behavior.
    • Neuron – Initiative to create a data platform integrating data from any source, any temporal resolution and any scale that can provide advanced analytics in support of clinical decision making.
    • Cybertron/HPC – High-performance computing resource at Seattle Children’s Research Institute for bioinformatics, machine learning, high-throughput data analytics and other computational biology workflows.
    • Zeus – Platform that provides access to certified, supported, secured, integrated and enriched set of data used to support analytics from many different data sources obtained across Seattle Children’s hospital, research institute and foundation.
    • Tableau – Data visualization tool used for publishing data sources and creating fast analytics and reporting.
    • R/Python – Advanced statistical, visualization and experimentation tools.
    • Training and education – Enterprise Analytics provides resources for our data tools, home-grown products and educational information that helps customers use our services.
  • Our IT Research team works in partnership with Seattle Children’s Research Institute to develop and implement technology solutions to meet their needs. The team is comprised of these three teams:

    • Research Desktop
    • Research Applications
    • Business Analytics

    The teams work collectively to support the technology needs of our researchers, better enabling us to reach our mission of providing hope, care and cures so children can live the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible.

    The team looks for ways to leverage automation and technological systems that can help our research administration teams achieve greater efficiencies in their workflows. Some high-level objectives of this team include: identification and reporting on key performance indicators for the business and our teams, oversight and support of the research applications portfolio, and day-to-day support for all operational IT needs.

  • Our Population and Digital Health service is a cross-functional team providing services in software/mobile development, virtual and remote care delivery, interoperability services and population health applications.  

    We are committed to delivering digital solutions that optimize the patient experience while reducing costs and improving outcomes. We focus on addressing the unmet needs of patients and families, and identifying opportunities to deploy technologies that can enhance and streamline care delivery for the best experience possible.   

    Services include:

    • Remote care and telemedicine
    • Software and mobile app development
    • Interoperability solutions
    • Population health platforms
    • Voice-enabled solutions

Support Services

  • Our Core Operations team facilitates the patient and family experience at Seattle Children’s while delivering world-class services and solutions that increase customer satisfaction and business value. Our team members maximize IT capabilities and reduce cost through innovation and trusted partnerships.

    The strategic plan developed by IT Core Operations is framed by distinct outcome pillars that guide our specific strategies, initiatives and projects. These pillars include: commodity services, team of the future, cost optimization, simplicity, customer experience and organizational discipline.

    Services include:

    • IT disaster recovery/business continuity
    • Customer advocacy and innovation
    • IT service management (ITSM)/IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
    • Network operations center
    • Data center and cable management
    • Service monitoring and alerting
    • Asset management and configuration management database (CMDB)
    • Managed print services
    • Service desk
    • Audio/visual event support
    • Audio/visual design and implementation
    • Video teleconferencing
    • Procurement of hardware, software and managed services
    • Desktop build and provisioning
    • Desktop moves/adds/changes (MACs) and breaks/fixes
  • Our Core Technology service is comprised of six service areas that are responsible for the end-to-end delivery and ongoing operations of the information that passes over our computer networks. This includes when users log on to their client device using applications and access email and the Internet, and for the secure storage of the critical data that teams work with and generate on a daily basis.

    Services include:

    • Network services and telecommunications
    • Computer and database services
    • Data storage and protection services
    • Infrastructure services
    • Partner experience
    • IT facilities
  • Our Enterprise Architecture team provides traceable and transparent paths to enable our business vision and outcomes.

    Services include:

    • Providing facilitation and analysis services for technology strategies and solutions
    • Helping align solution investments with long-term strategy, reducing risk (impacts/consequences) and delivering timely business value outcomes
    • Analyzing our changing healthcare environment and identifying opportunities
    • Providing principles and standards that guide our decisions
    • Partnering with our service areas and business
    • Managing IT policies and standards
  • Information Security protects Seattle Children’s digital and physical environments for patients, families, visitors, and staff and faculty members. We balance risk with business enablement as we deliver innovations.

    Services include:

    • Ensuring the security and integrity of data throughout the organization
    • Providing the right people with the right access to do their jobs
    • Monitoring and protecting information systems from threats
    • Controlling physical access to building properties to provide a safe environment
    • Helping everyone use good security practices
  • The Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) helps create a world-class IT department by providing expert support, guidance and oversight to service teams and the CIO. Our mission is to be a hub for IT business solutions, a source of information and good stewards of IT resources. We do this through active engagement with service teams, development of strategies to most effectively run IT as a business, definition of cross-IT processes and reporting, and partnering with external teams such as Seattle Children’s Legal, Strategic Sourcing and Enterprise Portfolio Management departments.

    Services include:

    • Chief of staff
    • Communications
    • Financial management
    • Portfolio management
    • Project management
    • Vendor and contract management
  • We provide quality tools and test methods to offer an unparalleled service experience.

    Services include:

    • Standardized frameworks for development and testing
    • Quality assurance