Seattle Children's Medical Staff

Physician Relations

Seattle Children’s Hospital Physician Relations Program

Physician Relations supports the strategic goals of Seattle Children's: to be the institution of choice for pediatric healthcare in the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) region and to be a nationally recognized leader in pediatric health and research.

  • Docfeedback  
  • Seattle Children's Provider News
  • Targeted communication to Seattle Children's and community providers
  • Medical Staff website
  • Physician outreach visits
  • Promotion of clinical programs to community providers
  • New physician orientation
  • Print and online physician directories
  • Physician phone line
  • Physician reward recognition

Contact Us

For any questions about whom to contact, how to find information or anything else you need related to your experience as a physician at Seattle Children's, please contact us:  

Phone: 206-987-5765
Fax: 206-985-3118
This number is for physician relations general correspondence only. For patient health information requests, please contact Health Information Management.

Docfeedback (For Providers Only)

Use Docfeedback to connect directly with hospital and medical staff leadership with your concerns, questions, requests and compliments. We will respond within 24 hours.

Our Staff

Laurel Hopkins, manager, physician liaisons
Phone: 206-987-5031

  • Physician liaison program oversight
  • Physician outreach and education
  • Docfeedback
  • Community provider communication
  • Medical Staff website
  • New medical staff orientation
  • Physician communication and Q7 line

Patti Kilburn, specialty physician liaison - Cancer and Blood Disease Center and Neuroscience Center
Phone: 206-987-6455

  • Physician outreach and education

Jennifer Mueller, physician liaison (North Puget Sound)
Phone: 206-987-5262

  • Physician outreach and education

Kenton McAllister, physician liaison (Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana)
Phone: 206-987-5221

  • Physician outreach and education 

Dawn Riley, Physician Liaison (South Puget Sound)

  • Physician outreach and education