Pathways are intended only as a guide for practitioners. Pathways should be adapted to each specific patient based on practitioners' professional judgment and their consideration of the unique circumstances and needs of each patient and their family.

Pathways are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain consistent with current medical literature and national guidelines. New and updated pathways will be posted as they become available.

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Download Clinical Standard Work Pathways and Tools (all files are PDFs)

About Clinical Standard Work Pathways and Tools

At Seattle Children's, clinical standard work pathways are a documented standard approach that guides practitioners when providing care to specific patient populations. These clinical pathways improve the quality of care through standardization of treatment based on evidence in the published medical literature and/or expert opinion.

When developing these pathways, committees of experts from different disciplines review the evidence to reach a consensus about treatments that result in the best outcomes for patients. The committees draw on Seattle Children's organization-wide improvement approach – called Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) – to implement pathways and support change management.

If you are interested in joining a pathway committee, please email us.