PHINConnect and eReferral: Getting Started

PHINConnect and eReferral: Frequently Asked Questions

What are PHINConnect and eReferral?

PHINConnect and eReferral are portals to clinical information at Seattle Children's Hospital. You can access information about your patients and those associated with other providers in your practice. The applications accessible via these tools are available from any location with internet access. Access is available to providers and designated staff in your practice.

What is PHINConnect?

PHINConnectis a Web-based application that allows referring providers to review their patients' health records, including visit information, clinical data, laboratory and imaging results, documents and reports.

What is eReferral?

eReferral is a Web-based application that allows referring providers to make referrals to Seattle Children's online along with submitting clinical documentation.

What will we be able to see and do?

In PHINConnect, providers and their staff can review a patient's electronic medical record, including:

  • Select clinical notes (no scanned documents)
  • Laboratory results
  • Radiology results
  • Microbiology results
  • Diagnostic studies
  • Medication lists
  • Immunizations (given at or reported to Seattle Children's)
  • Future tests
  • Future appointments
  • Vital signs and measurements
  • Patient demographics
  • Allergies
  • Procedures

On eReferral, providers and their staff can submit referrals online and follow up on the status of the referral, including a list of all upcoming appointments for a patient, and can submit clinical documentation. Users can also request a change of demographic information or a PCP change for their patients.

In addition, documents can be printed and placed into your practice's medical record.

PHINConnect is a view-only tool. Users will be unable to modify documents or other information, place orders or communicate with Seattle Children's providers via this tool.

Are PHINConnect and eReferral available only to providers?

eReferral and PHINConnect are also available to designated office staff members.

Using PHINConnect and eReferral

How do I get access?

To obtain access, your practice needs to sign up for PHINConnect and/or eReferral at Getting Started. If your practice already has access, but you need to be added to your practice group, please visit Changes to Existing Practices.

How will we be recognized as a “connected” provider?

To be a connected provider, your practice needs to be registered for PHINConnect and/or eReferral. Practices that have not yet signed up can do so at Getting Started. In addition, providers are connected with their patients at the time of a patient registration event such as checking in, making an appointment or being admitted to the hospital.

How do we add, delete or change practice information?

Go to Changes to Existing Practices and follow the instructions.

Is the information in PHINConnect and eReferral printable?

All items from PHINConnect are printable.

All items in eReferral are printable.

Can the information from PHINConnect and eReferral be downloaded into my electronic medical record?

Certain clinical information can be electronically saved to PDF files from PHINConnect, which can then be loaded in some EMRs. Documentation received from PHINConnect, including but not limited to results, reports or notes, is not to be altered.

Nothing from eReferral is able to be downloaded.

What are the technical requirements for accessing the information in PHINConnect and eReferral?

Review the system requirements.

Will PHINConnect and eReferral work on a Mac?

PHINConnect and eReferral can be used on a Mac if you use Firefox. For eReferral, Safari is also supported.

Where do I go if I need additional help?

Call 206-987-4444 or email us and a representative will assist you.

Using PHINConnect

User guide

Using eReferral

What do the various referral statuses mean on the Referral by Member > Referral Details page?

  • Authorized: Patient's payor requirements were met, or the visit requested does not need payor approval to be scheduled.
  • Closed: Referral was determined not to be necessary or has expired. It can no longer be used.
  • Denied: Patient's payor has denied the visit to Seattle Children's.
  • Incomplete: All incoming referrals from the community not requiring prior authorization will remain in this status until they are reviewed by Seattle Children's intake staff.
  • New Request: All incoming Psychiatry referrals from the community will remain in this status until they are reviewed by Seattle Children's intake staff.
  • Pending Review: Referral is being reviewed by Seattle Children's Authorization Department, and most likely the appointment has already been scheduled.

What happens after a referral is submitted through eReferral?

Referrals are sorted and distributed to Seattle Children's scheduling system, allowing for quicker turnaround between referral submission and the appointment being scheduled. If there are questions about the referral, a consulting nurse will review the eReferral form and will contact you with any questions or to request additional clinical data to optimally prepare for the appointment.

When can the family call to make the appointment after the referral is submitted electronically?

The family may call once the referral is submitted. To expedite the referral triage process, please attach clinical documentation to the eReferral. You may attach one pdf document to the eReferral.

How do I find out when the appointment is made?

With a patient selected, click on the Upcoming Appts report under the Referral tab to see all future appointments scheduled for that patient. Event Monitor also gives you the ability to follow up on your referrals and your patients to find out about their upcoming appointments, ED visits and admissions.

What do I do if I submit a referral with a mistake, such as referring to the wrong department specialty?

If you submit a referral and realize there's a mistake, please call Seattle Children's intake coordinator at 206-987-2080 (option 2) and we can correct the mistake.

What should I do if my patient's address has changed, or if the family notifies my office that they want to change their PCP?

You can easily communicate demographic or PCP changes to Seattle Children's by sending an InBasket message, after which we will update the requested information. This communication is one-way only – from your practice to Seattle Children's.

Do I need to submit supporting documentation with each referral?

In order to offer the best care possible, we still need clinical documentation from the referring practice so that we can better serve patients. There is the option to attach one pdf to the eReferral. If more clinical documentation is to be submitted, it can be faxed to Seattle Children's Hospital at 206-985-3121. It is critical that you include a printed copy of the eReferral or the referral number and patient MRN that is listed on the eReferral report after submitting.

What if I attach records for the wrong patient to the eReferral?

If you realize that you attached records for the wrong patient to the eReferral, please call Seattle Children's intake coordinator at 206-987-2080 (option 2) and we can correct the mistake.

Access to Patient Records

How is the provider–patient relationship created?

For PHINConnect, this relationship is created at the time of patient registration or referral. Patient registration can occur at multiple different times, including, but not limited to, admission to the hospital, visiting the Emergency Department, checking in for a clinic appointment and having lab work or radiology tests completed.

For eReferral, this relationship is created when a provider from your practice is listed as a PCP for a patient or you have gained access to a patient through First Access. In First Access, you can search the entire Seattle Children's database for a patient and, if not found, create a new patient record in order to submit a referral.