Simulation Program

What We Offer

High-Fidelity Simulation Sessions

High-fidelity sessions are available in situ (at site of care) or in the meeting space designated by the requestor. We use scenarios that portray processes or situations that cause the learners to act as they would in a real patient care event. Learners will feel the signs of stress and urgency in performance that would occur in a real patient care event.

Low-Fidelity Simulation Sessions

Low-fidelity sessions that use scenarios and/or videotaping focus on building knowledge or fundamental skills. We expect these sessions to have less intensity for the learner but seek to maintain high levels of learner engagement.

Audio–Video Production

We offer a number of different types of audio–video production services:

  • Multi-camera simulation recordings
  • Research study A/V recordings
  • Independent department production videos
  • Lecture/presentation videos

Community Outreach

Our mission is to improve the quality of care for all pediatric patients in the region.  We partner with other facilities to provide clinical education, simulation and systems testing. To learn more and request this service, please email us.

Consulting and Advisor Services

We offer our years of experience, proven methods and creative problem-solving skills to help create new simulation-based training curricula or improve upon existing curricula. Our clinical experts are here to help address today's most pressing clinician training and patient-safety concerns.

Data Tracking

Detailed records with specific criteria are logged with each training session and stored in our central database. Data can be made available upon specific request, as well as expanded to encompass trainer needs.

Simulation Facilitator Training Program

Our goal is to develop and mentor simulation facilitators who utilize the most effective simulation tools; create simulation-based learning objectives and scenarios; and are expert facilitators, debreifers and integrators of simulation.