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The Learning and Simulation Center team is dedicated to the advancement of healthcare education through the use of simulation technologies and operational excellence. Our focus is on simulating real-life scenarios to help build and refine team dynamics and communication in stressful situations. We incorporate multidisciplinary teams from throughout the hospital as well as champion facilitators that guide scenarios and debrief teams.

High-Fidelity Simulation

High-fidelity simulations are available in situ (at site of care) or in the LSC mock patient room. The SimBaby and SimNewB simulators are advanced infant patient simulators specifically designed with realistic anatomy and clinical functionality aimed toward team training.

Low-Fidelity Simulation

Low-fidelity simulation sessions encompass the use of skill stations with lifelike human reproductions to role-play scenarios aimed at building practical knowledge and fundamental skills.

Consulting and Advisor Services

We offer our years of experience, proven methods and creative problem-solving skills to help create new simulation-based training curricula or improve upon existing curricula. Our clinical experts are here to help address today's most pressing clinician training and patient-safety concerns.

Audio-Video Recording and Production Services

Single- and multi-camera audio and video recording. In addition to recording simulation-training sessions, we offer production services for creating dramatizations and training modules, research and general post-production editing.

Data Tracking

Detailed records with specific criteria are logged with each training session and stored in our central database. Data can be made available upon specific request, as well as expanded to encompass trainer needs.

Simulation Instructor Training Program

Our goal is to develop and mentor simulation instructors who utilize the most effective simulation tools; create simulation-based learning objectives and scenarios; and are expert facilitators, debreifers and integrators of simulation.

The program consists of a two-day immersive workshop followed by a mentoring process. To help each instructor develop to their fullest potential, participants are expected to actively develop their skills and partner in other instructors' development. The first course took place in October 2011.

To learn more, please email us or call 206-987-7468.

More Information

For more information on any of these services, please contact Moraima Castaneda.