UW Pediatric Residency Training

2021-2022 Application Season Update:

In order to support the nation’s public health efforts during the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be conducting interview season remotely this year with virtual interviews and do not have any in-person events currently planned. Interviews will be held live via Zoom.

We are working on programming to ensure we can share our residency family with you and have you share yourselves with us!

Please email us with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Read the virtual interview tips (PDF) from the AAMC for applicants.  

GME Team and Leaders

Mission Statement

To improve the wellbeing of children, families and communities, we train leaders in an inclusive environment through diverse experiences encompassing the breadth of pediatrics. Our training environment promotes high quality care, appropriate independence and personal and professional resilience to fulfill career goals. We cultivate a compassionate community of learners who embody a stance of inquiry, collaboration, curiosity, cultural humility, life-long learning and excellence.