Interactive Digital MR Atlas of the Pediatric Brain

How to Install


  • Windows 2000/XP
  • .NET Framework


The ZIP file that you download contains the files necessary for operating the Brain Atlas.

Please note: the program does not work on the Macintosh platform.  

The ZIP file contains two folders, "ATLAS" and "ATLAS_HELP". The folder entitled "ATLAS" contains all the files necessary to run the atlas.

Copy the entire folder to any place on your hard drive. Open up "ATLAS" and double click on the file "atlas.exe" and the program should start.


If the program does not start, you probably need the.NET Framework installed, which you can download from the Microsoft website. Follow the instructions to install the.NET Framework; after this is installed, the Brain Atlas should work.

How to Use

Learn how to use the Brain Atlas.

Instructions on how to use the Brain Atlas are also included in the "ATLAS_HELP" folder. You can store this folder anywhere on your hard drive; it is not required to be in the same location as the "ATLAS" folder.