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    Call for Duncan Award Nominations

    The Duncan Committee is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the Duncan Award which will be presented virtually at the 44th Annual Duncan Seminar on Friday, March 31, 2023.

    The Duncan Seminar is an annual interdisciplinary conference focused on the care of persons with developmental disabilities. It honors the legacy of Dr. William Duncan's comprehensive interdisciplinary approaches to care for children with cerebral palsy in the Pacific Northwest.

    The Duncan Award is presented to one or more individuals, parents, professionals, or groups whose career exemplifies Dr. Duncan’s dedication and innovation on behalf of children with disabilities.

    Nominees and recipients are:

    • Advocates for children with disabilities and their families.
    • Change agents whose actions result in best solutions for each family.
    • Individuals who consistently show compassion, serve as role models, and encourage others to be better people.
    • Leaders in their profession and/or community.

    Please complete the nomination form by Wednesday, February 16, 2023, for planning committee review.

    For questions please email: Outreach Education

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