What is PowerShare?

Seattle Children’s has partnered with Nuance PowerShare to offer providers and patients a way to securely load medical images directly into Seattle Children’s systems. Allowing providers and patients access to upload medical images directly helps improve patient care and reduce dependencies on CDs and DVDs.

What are the system requirements?

To use PowerShare:

  • Your browser must be Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome or Firefox.
  • Java must be installed and enabled on your system.

How to Upload Medical Images Using PowerShare

  1. Click the Upload Images button, above, to start the process. You will be taken to the secure PowerShare uploader.
  2. If prompted to run the PowerShare Java Web Start Uploader, click Run.

    PowerShare Java Web Start Uploader screenshot
  3. From the PowerShare window, choose where you’d like to upload the images:
    • For Radiology images, choose SCH RADIOLOGY (SEATTLE CHILDRENS NETWORK).
    • For Cardiology images, choose SCH CARDIOLOGY (SEATTLE CHILDRENS NETWORK).

     PowerShare Uploader screenshot 

  4. If the images are located on a CD or DVD, insert the disc. Once it’s recognized, the Batch Upload button will activate. Click Batch Upload. 
    Batch Upload dialog box
  5. If the images are located on the computer or an external drive, instead of clicking Batch Upload, click the Choose Folder option instead. Navigate to where the images are located and choose Next.
  6. Click Select All to choose all studies on the CD or DVD. The Medical Images tab will indicate the number of studies selected.

    Medical Images tab screenshot
  7. Click Start Upload to upload the images.
  8. Once the image upload has completed, denoted by the progress bar, click Done.

What if I need help?

Please verify the browser requirements listed above. For questions or assistance, please call 206-987-7111.