Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory: A Jeffrey Modell Foundation Diagnostic Center

Sample Requirements and Shipping Instructions

Sample Requirements

Young child

  • DNA sequencing: 3–5 cc
  • Flow cytometry: 5–7 cc

Older child/adult

  • DNA sequencing: 5–10 cc
  • Flow cytometry: 10–20 cc
    • For any flow cytometry samples that are being shipped overnight, please consider including a blood sample from a normal, healthy individual as a control.


All samples should be collected in preservative-free sodium heparin anticoagulant. (Green top Vacutainer tubes work well.)

Packaging and Shipping Instructions

Packaging instructions

If needed, specimen packaging instructions are available as a PDF from FedEx.

Shipping instructions

  • Ship at ambient temperature. Do not refrigerate or freeze.
  • Ship via overnight courier (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.)
  • The lab accepts samples Monday through Friday but samples should be shipped only Monday through Thursday so they do not sit over the weekend.

Shipping address

Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory
Seattle Children’s Research Institute
1900 9th Ave., JMB-7
Seattle, WA 98101-1304