Immunology Diagnostic Laboratory: A Jeffrey Modell Foundation Diagnostic Center

List of Flow Cytometry and Functional Tests Offered

Note: The following tests are offered as research use only.

Protein Expression

Functional Analysis

  • CD40 binding to CD40 ligand (done routinely with CD40L protein expression)
  • HIES Screen (includes analysis of STAT3 phosphorylation in response to cytokines and Th17 cell percentage)
  • IL-10 Receptor (analysis of STAT3 phosphorylation in response to IL-10)
  • STAT1-GOF Screen (analysis of STAT1 phosphorylation/hyper-phosphorylation in response to cytokine stimulation)
  • X-SCID Screen (analysis of STAT5B phosphorylation in response to IL-2 and IL-7 screening test for common gamma chain, JAK3 and IL-7 receptor deficiency)


  • Regulatory T-cell immunophenotyping (evaluation of FOXP3+ regulatory T cells)

Bacteriophage Immunization

  • For information or to arrange bacteriophage immunization to evaluate immune responses, call 206-987-7435.