The Division of Transplant Surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive care to patients with end-stage disease of the intestine, liver or kidneys. It is the only pediatric intestinal transplant program in the Northwest.

Solid organ transplantation is the treatment of choice for end-stage organ disease in children. We provide consultation, diagnosis, treatment and management for end-stage organ failure, with skilled teams of healthcare professionals focusing on the needs of our patients and families. A candidate’s team includes the appropriate members from our staff of doctors — board-certified pediatric hepatologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, surgeons and transplant surgeons — as well as dietitians and pediatric nurses specially trained in the care of transplant patients. We assist our pediatric transplant candidates and their families before, during and after organ transplantation by providing physical, emotional and financial support for this life-changing experience.

We use advanced technologies and the most current treatment protocols — including state-of-the-art interventional radiological procedures — for improved diagnosis, care, management and recovery. We also provide assistance in accessing and coordinating financial resources. Educating patients and their families is a critical component of our care. We teach them to monitor and to administer anti-rejection medications and to recognize signs of infection and rejection. We also help them return to a normal lifestyle, and we provide education to patients’ school staff as well as to other physicians and care providers. We conduct psychosocial evaluations and follow-up and offer referrals to patient and family support groups. We have developed anIntestinal Care Program for children with diseases of the intestine requiring total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Another way we advance treatment is by participating in numerous clinical research trials that study new medications and treatments.

Leadership and Faculty

Patrick J. Healey, MD, Division Chief

Oncology, General Surgery, Transplantation

Academic Title: Associate Professor of Surgery

Patrick Healey, MD, is chief of transplantation in the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery Division at Seattle Children's Hospital. Healey received his MD from the Boston University School of Medicine. cont.