April Pools Day and Summer Splash-Tacular

Fun Water Safety Events

Every year, many pools, beaches and outdoor water facilities around Washington state host swimming and water safety events for families and community members.

  • April Pools Day events take place at swimming pools.
  • Summer Splash-Tacular events are held at beaches and other outdoor water recreation sites.

Each 2-hour event is designed by the individual pool or facility to best fit their needs. Usually, the event includes a combination of water safety activities and free swim time. Many facilities offer:

  • 1 hour of water safety instruction, elementary rescue and life-jacket use
  • 1 hour free swim
  • A raffle for free life jackets, free swim lessons and door prizes

Some facilities offer water safety activities and free swim at the same time.

    • Date: Chose a date in April that works best for your facility.
    • Contact us: Email us for more information and to share your most popular water safety activities.
    • Date: Summer Splash-Tacular events take place throughout the summer. You can choose the date that works best for your facility.
    • Contact usEmail us for more information and to share your most popular water safety activities.
    • Have participants do as many hands-on activities as possible.
    • Use skits and videos as well as demonstrations.
    • For the first hour, set up 3 to 4 stations where you teach water safety skills, demonstrate elementary forms of rescue, check life jackets, test participants' flotation gear, etc. Create a form to stamp showing participation at each station. Give a prize or free swim to those who visit all the stations.
    • Have a water safety “carnival.”
    • Use canoes and boats.
    • Set up a table for flyers, safety information and brochures. Have someone staff this table.
    • Prepare a box in which people can enter their names for a drawing for a free life jacket or set of swimming lessons.
    • Promote your swim lessons, along with all of your other programs.
    • Provide fun snacks like popcorn or ice cream.
    • Distribute flyers through local schools, camps and daycares.
    • Give a free 1-hour swim to the classroom with the most participants.
    • Distribute flyers on the last day of your current lesson session.
    • Distribute flyers on your registration day for spring lessons.
    • Promote the event during your family and public swims.
    • Ask the community centers in your neighborhood and division to promote your event and distribute flyers.
    • Have local sponsors contribute door prizes or refreshments.
    • Write an article about the event for your local newspaper.

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