Resources for Drowning Prevention Professionals

Washington state is a leader in drowning prevention. Seattle Children’s and many other organizations have been working together for decades to:

  • Understand what factors lead to child and teen drownings in our state.
  • Work with community coalitions to keep families safe in and around water.
  • Develop programs to reduce drowning risk and prevent drowning.

Washington State Drowning Prevention Network

The Washington State Drowning Prevention Network was developed in 1994 to provide a forum for organizations to work together to prevent drowning.

Our key messages are: Know the water. Know your limits. Wear a life jacket.

The network meets twice a year. To join and to receive e-mails and event announcements, email us.

Drowning Prevention at Seattle Children’s

Seattle Children’s began doing research on drowning in the 1970s and outreach on drowning prevention in the early 1990s with the development of the “Stay on Top of It” campaign. Now we focus on:

  • Increasing life jacket use among children, teens and adults
  • Community education and outreach
  • Development of culturally and ethnically specific drowning prevention programs
  • Open water education
  • Advocacy, media and publicity

Support Our Work

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