1. Take our volunteer assessment survey. A unique confirmation code will be emailed to you upon successful completion.
  2. Once volunteer applications are available, use your unique survey assessment confirmation code to access the application portal and submit your application.
  3. After you’ve submitted your volunteer application, please refer two personal or professional contacts to the online reference form (e.g., employer, co-worker, professor, teacher, neighbor, friend, pastor – no family members, please).
    • You will have up to two weeks from the date of your application submission to have your reference forms completed. If you do not submit two reference forms within the two weeks after application submission, you will be required to re-apply at a later date.
    • Please contact Volunteer Services if you have questions or concerns regarding reference forms.
  4. Volunteer Services will contact you to schedule a personal interview within two weeks of receiving your completed reference forms.
  5. Attend the personal interview. At your interview, you will be required to complete a disclosure statement and consent to a Washington State Patrol background check. You will also receive your volunteer position description, the volunteer agreement form and other placement documentation. Allow 45 minutes for your interview.
  6. Complete the influenza (flu) vaccination and tuberculosis (TB) screening per hospital policy; more information will be provided during your one-on-one interview.
  7. Once TB screening and flu vaccination documentation is completed, you will be contacted by Volunteer Services to schedule your training date.