Edna Cortez

I’ve wanted to be a nurse and take care of kids for as long as I can remember.

My godfather was a nurse and my role model. He sat me down when I was around 10 and gave me his honest appraisal of the profession: Nursing was not glamorous (think vomit and poop), but it was incredibly rewarding.

His words were spot on. My life’s work as a nurse, though not all roses, is as fulfilling today as it was when I started my career.

I’ve always had jobs that require constant learning in high-adrenaline areas like emergency airlift, intensive care and surgical recovery. What truly motivates me to give my all is the trust placed in me by the children and families I serve. I’m honored to be part of their village when they’re at their most vulnerable – and I cherish staying in touch and hearing how they’ve gone on to meet important milestones in their lives.

Two years ago, I attended the high school graduation of a boy who had been on life support as a toddler. Knowing that I was part of the team that helped keep his lungs pumping and his heart beating all those years ago made my own heart burst with pride to be a nurse at Seattle Children’s.

Love, respect, expertise, compassion, kindness and dignity: these are the tools of my trade. Caring for every child as if they’re my own: that is my destiny.

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