United by a bold vision, together, we can transform children’s health for generations to come. Hear why our compassionate providers, staff, supporters, patients, families, volunteers and friends say yes.

Why We Say Yes

  • Dr. Colleen Annesley

    “It is an indescribable feeling to go into a patient’s room and tell them that, after they have failed multiple treatments, CAR T-cell therapy has worked for them and they are now in remission. They are elated, we are elated – and it never gets old.”

  • Dr. Raphael Bernier

    “We’re joining a monumental effort to understand and treat autism. The collaboration among so many leading research sites shows how deeply autism researchers believe in this project.”

  • Dr. Courtney Crane

    “This project would never have happened without philanthropy. Now we need additional philanthropy to keep the momentum going.”

  • Dr. Ben Danielson

    “I walk away from this clinic inspired and humbled every day.… That's why I say ‘yes’ to Odessa Brown and its amazing future.”

  • Mark Fadool, MA

    “Our goal is to build upon a child’s strengths so they can feel secure and develop healthy relationships as they mature. It’s important that we implement a model in our clinic that is loving, nurturing and compassionate.”

  • Dr. Rebecca Gardner

    “This is an exciting time where we’re at the forefront of advancing the CAR T-cell immunotherapy field by pioneering strategies to improve long-term outcomes for children and young adults.”

  • Anupama Nadella

    “Raising awareness and money for Seattle Children’s is an honor – and a critical investment in the health of our children today and into the future.”

  • Dr. Jeffrey Ojemann

    “I am lucky that each day I get the chance to do something that matters, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing tremendous outcomes in patients – these surgeries transform lives.”

  • Dr. Nino Ramirez

    “By saying yes to Seattle Children’s Research Institute, you can help us answer some of the brain’s most perplexing questions. With answers, cures and new treatments are within our reach.”

  • Happy Salinas-Santos, ARNP

    “Much of what we do – outreach clinics, school counseling, social work – isn’t reimbursed by insurance. That’s one reason we need philanthropy.”

  • Constance Thompson

    “I say yes to Seattle Children’s because Seattle Children’s said yes to us.”

About the Campaign

It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s is a bold initiative – $1 billion bold – to partner with our community and deliver on our shared vision to transform children’s health for generations to come. With your generous support, we will advance our core mission to care for every child, deliver on the promise and power of immunotherapy to cure pediatric cancers, unlock the mysteries of the developing brain and launch a new era for community health and wellness. By investing strategically in our people, programs and facilities, we will bring hope, care and cures to kids and their families throughout Seattle, across the nation and around the world.