Fundraising Resources


  • 8 Ways We Can Help Your Guild

    From event project ideas to promotional materials, event supplies and more, Seattle Children’s Guild Association is here to help.

  • A Treasurer’s Checklist

    Guide and timeline for key fundraisers financial tasks and answers to some frequently asked financial questions.

  • Don’t Leave Money on the Table

    Review these helpful tips to ensure your guild isn’t “leaving money on the table” at its event.

  • Event and Project Templates

    We have a variety of templates and printed resources to help you with your event or project.

  • How to Get Sponsorships

    Before approaching businesses for sponsorships, learn how to plan a strategy that will help get the most out of your request. 

  • Raffle Guidelines

    Raffles are fun, easy and quick sources of revenue. Before you schedule your next raffle, review this information.

  • Raffles Offer Good Odds for Fundraising Success

    Read about the two types of raffles that guilds are legally allowed to hold without a state license.

  • Rate Your Guild’s Fiscal Fitness

  • Answer these 10 questions on your own or together at your next guild meeting to rate your fiscal fitness.

  • Request Event and Project Supplies

    The Guild Association keeps an inventory of supplies to support guild fundraising efforts. Items are on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Social Media Best Practices

    Leverage social media to successfully promote your next event! This “Best Practices” guide covers the basics for using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share updates about your guild and Seattle Children's.

  • Treasurer Support Templates

    The role of a guild's treasurer is vital. We can help you complete each step of the Treasurer's Report for your events.