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Guilds Deliver Hope: “Whole Family” Services Fill Essential Needs

After weeks of missing work to be at their sick child’s hospital bedside, parents receive critical funding to cover rent. A harried family arrives in the emergency room without their winter coats and is given new ones. A grieving mother receives unlimited counseling to navigate the loss of her baby girl. These are a few of the lesser known ways guild members enable Seattle Children’s to provide hope and care to families through a powerful network of services. Read more.…

Saying Yes to Community Health and Wellness

Exclamation point infographic showing progress of campaign fundraisingEvery yes counts! Thank you for your ongoing and essential role in Seattle Children's success – together we can change the future of children's health.

One of the goals of the It Starts With Yes campaign is launching a new era for community health and wellness by concentrating on finding innovative ways to keep more children healthy and out of the hospital.

Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) has been at the forefront of delivering equitable health to Seattle’s children for 50 years. OBCC Othello will include a one-of-a-kind research and innovation hub where our clinicians, researchers and families will work together to develop and evaluate intervention and prevention strategies to address the early seeds of illness and counteract the challenges of living in poverty.

Meeting Families Where They Are — Breaking Ground for OBCC Othello

Snigdha Paruchuri (left), member of the Friends of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Guild, and Naima Idris, program coordinator of Seattle Children’s Food Security ProgramSnigdha Paruchuri (left), member of the Friends of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Guild, and Naima Idris, program coordinator of Seattle Children’s Food Security Program, enjoy the community celebration at the future home of OBCC Othello.

Artist rendering of new OBCC OthelloThe new OBCC clinic will be part of a unique urban community concept called Othello Square. The site will offer families convenient access to an economic opportunity center, a computer lab, an early learning center, community meeting spaces, a daycare facility, and mixed-income housing for rent and ownership.

On September 21, Seattle Children’s hosted a festive community celebration at the future home of OBCC Othello. This second Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic will open in early 2022 across from the Othello Link light rail station in Seattle’s Rainier Valley – closer to where the majority of OBCC patient families now live.

Friends of Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Guild co-founder Micki Flowers attended the September celebration event and says, “Our guild is proud to support the work of OBCC. We recognize the value the new clinic will bring to the community and we’re excited that the clinic will soon deliver its high level of care to more families.”

OBCC Othello is expected to have twice the capacity of the current OBCC facility on Yesler Way. It will offer pediatric medical care, mental health services, dental care, nutrition and physical and occupational therapy, making it convenient for families to receive all health services in one location. The second OBCC clinic will also allow the hospital to remodel the original OBCC clinic to better serve patients in the Central District and adjacent neighborhoods.

Your Compassion Helped Me Cope

Children's patient Aliyanna smiling while being pulled down hall in wagonOnce a month, Aliyanna, pictured here, and her mom travel from their home in Oregon to Seattle Children’s for checkups. Her Seattle Children’s doctors are pleased with Aliyanna’s response to the larotrectinib drug trial and see no sign that her cancer is coming back.

By Daisy Martinez, Prineville, Oregon

When my baby was born prematurely with an aggressive cancerous tumor on her spine, the outlook was dismal. As a first–time mother and a single parent, it was an unbelievably tough and emotional period.

Aliyanna survived surgery and many medical treatments, including a Seattle Children’s clinical drug trial that saved her life. When I saw her tumor shrink away, I finally started to believe she’d one day be able to go home. We did make it home, and the Seattle Children’s Social Work team had helped me apply for a $1,000 grant from a community organization to buy Aliyanna some clothes and prepare for her homecoming. That grant came from a family who lost their own baby to cancer, and I was amazed at their strength and willingness to help others.

I want guild members and all Seattle Children’s donors to know that everything you do is so appreciated. People like you helped my daughter and me start our life together.

About Aliyanna

In February 2018, 8-week-old Aliyanna joined the larotrectinib clinical trial. This experimental drug targets soft-tissue tumors. Within weeks it was clear the drug was working. Images showed the tumor shrinking, and Aliyanna’s back finally began to heal from her surgery. Two years later, Aliyanna remains on larotrectinib with only a small abnormal area where her tumor was. While studies of the long-term use of larotrectinib continue, its jaw-dropping early success earned accelerated approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“I feel like I made the right choice,” says Martinez. “I went from thinking I wasn’t going home with my child to having this spunky 2-year-old. Best of all, I know that our Seattle Children’s family will continue to walk by our sides no matter what comes next.”

Bringing Guilds Together

Seattle Children's CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring and patient ambassador Javi BarriaDr. Jeff Sperring and patient ambassador Javi Barria spoke at a guild outreach event held last fall in Olympia.

Last fall, two memorable Guild Association outreach events brought members together for food, fun and a focus on Seattle Children’s programs.

“We are grateful for these opportunities to get together with guild members from across our region,” says Emily Downing, guild development coordinator. “When we see everybody together in one room, we are amazed by the power of such a broad base of support for Seattle Children’s!”

On October 22 in Sequim, more than 80 area members heard from the medical staff of Seattle Children’s South Sound Cardiology Clinic in Tacoma. Cardiologist Dr. Josiah Peñalver introduced patient Hadley Staub, age 2, and her parents, Cortney and Kevin, who shared her story and their gratitude for services offered so close to home. And on November 1 in Olympia, 120 South Sound members learned about Seattle Children’s major focus on mental health. Presenters included hospital CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring and patient ambassador Javi Barria, 21, who shared the story of her Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit inpatient experience, as well as the importance of advocacy.

Guild Members Celebrate Building Cure

Guild Association trustees (from left) Laurin Sleeth, Mebie Thompson, Debbie Centioli, Julie Patrick, Joy Roush and Erin CordryGuild Association trustees (from left) Laurin Sleeth, Mebie Thompson, Debbie Centioli, Julie Patrick, Joy Roush and Erin Cordry celebrate the grand opening of Building Cure.

Guild members celebrated the opening of Seattle Children’s new research hub at a private reception on October 17 at BSeattle Children’s Research Institute: Building Cure. More than 175 guests enjoyed a wine reception in the soaring lobby featuring “Intent and Assembly,” a 91-foot mural created to inspire innovation.

The new facility in downtown Seattle is dedicated to accelerating discoveries for diseases affecting infants, children, teens and young adults. Guild members toured:

  • The Cure Factory™ — where lab discoveries move directly into treatment development and clinical trials.
  • Lab spaces that foster collaboration and information sharing.
  • The Science Discovery Lab, where middle and high school students interact with scientists and bring science curricula to life in a lab setting.

Social Insights: Facebook Group Sparks Connections

Screen shot of Guild Association Facebook group threadThe Guild Association Facebook group is the place for guild members to connect around everything from finding a home for gently used event décor to swapping advice, sharing leftover libations and celebrating successes. To join, visit this page and click “Join Group.” It’s that easy!