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To find a provider or researcher, you can search by name, clinical specialty, research focus area or office location. Select your choices from the menus above. You may select more than one option to narrow your search.

For a guide on choosing a doctor and office that would be a good fit for your family, read Choosing a Doctor for Your Child.

Finding a Provider

When it comes to your child's healthcare, there's no more important decision than choosing the provider who can best meet your child's needs. Seattle Children's medical staff consists of over 1,300 physicians and other providers representing many pediatric specialty areas, general pediatrics and family practice.

About half of our medical staff are based at Seattle Children's Hospital, with the others located in the community. Most of our hospital-based physicians also hold faculty positions at the University of Washington School of Medicine and are nationally and internationally recognized for their patient care.

Finding a Researcher

As one of the nation’s top five pediatric research centers, Seattle Children’s Research Institute is dedicated to making breakthrough discoveries that help prevent, treat and cure childhood disease. Our more than 350 investigators have pioneered groundbreaking cystic fibrosis treatments and cutting-edge cancer therapies that help a child’s immune system defeat cancer, and made other major contributions to pediatric medicine.

To accelerate our progress, the research institute is organized into nine centers. Researchers work in close collaboration with one another; their colleagues at partner institutions including the University of Washington and Fred Hutch; and our healthcare providers at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you are unable to find the provider you are looking for, or need additional help, call our Children's Resource Line at 206-987-2500 or, toll-free, 866-987-2500.

If you are unable to find the researcher you are looking for, call the research institute between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time at 206-884-7300.

Medical emergencies

Important: If you have a medical emergency, don't wait – call 911 for immediate medical assistance.

Important Information

All listed providers are members of the Seattle Children's Hospital medical staff. Specialists that are listed either attend in Children's clinics, provide on-call services for Seattle Children's clinical services or have weekly scheduled operating room time at Seattle Children's. Participating providers do not pay fees to participate in the program.

Some insurers require referrals from primary care providers. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider to determine whether your healthcare insurance requires a referral.