Xiuhua Liang Bozarth, MD, PhD

Xiuhua Liang Bozarth, MD, PhD

Neurosciences Center, Neurology, Epilepsy Program

On staff since September 2014

Academic Title: Associate Professor, Neurology

  • Patient Testimonials
    • Cali Spokane WA 01.16.23

      Our son was born with Cortical Dysplasia. He was diagnosed with infantile spasms at 6 weeks old and seen over in Spokane WA. We seen three different neurologist, did so many test, medications and got poor prognosis and the neurologist over in Spokane could not figure out what was causing my sons seizures. We finally decided to go to Seattle children's hospital because we had herd that they we wanted a second opinion. Choosing to go to Seattle children's and to get a second opinion from Dr. Bozarth was the best decision we had ever made. Dr. Bozarth got on his case right away! She was so kind and really got our hopes back us and reinsured us that her number one goal was to cure our son! We were told by another neurologist over in Spokane that he did not think our son would ever be fully cured so hearing the good news from Dr. Bozarth was amazing. She got on ordered more test and figured out almost imminently that our son had cortical dysplasia that was causing his seizures and recommend us to Nero surgery. After a year of our son having seizures daily and feeling so sacred, Dr. Bozath blessed us with her knowledge and her determination to cure our son. On October 28th, 2022 our son underwent brain surgery and *Knock on wood* He has not had a seizure since. We owe Dr. Bozath everything and will forever be grateful to her and what she did for our son! She is so patient and explains every little detail to you and answers every question you have. She truly cares about her patients and truly gives her all in curing children!


Clinical Interests

Epilepsy, Neurogenetics