Karen Elizabeth Weiss, PHD

Karen Elizabeth Weiss, PHD

Pain Medicine , Pain Rehabilitation Program

On staff since February 2016

    • Kathleen Rochester, MN 04.11.16

      My daughter worked with Karen as she dealt with chronic pain issues. She found a way to fight back and to take the driver's seat again. She is in charge of her life and the pain has to ride in the back seat. Pain continues, but attitude and coping skills where re-worked with Karen. She is caring and an awesome advocate! Thank you, Karen.

  • Manuscripts in Refereed Journals

    • Kluck, B. N., Junghans-Rutelonis, A. N., Jones, A. E., Fischer, P. R., & Weiss, K. E.
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    Manuscripts Submitted

    • Bruce, B. K., Ale, C. M., Harrison, T. E., Bee, S., Luedtke, C., Geske, J., & Weiss, K. E.
      Getting back to living: Further evidence for the efficacy of an interdisciplinary pediatric pain treatment program
      The Clinical Journal of Pain, In press
    • Keating, E. M., Antiel, R. M., Weiss, K. E., Wallace, D., Antiel, S., Fischer, P. R., Junghans-Rutelonis, A. N., & Harbeck-Weber, C.
      Parental perceptions of pediatric pain and POTS-related disability
      Clinical Pediatrics, In Press
    • Law, E. F., Fales, J. L., Beals-Erickson, S. E., Failo, A., Logan, D., Randall, E., Weiss, K., Durkin, L., & Palermo, T. M.
      A single-arm feasibility trial of problem-solving skills training for parents of children with idiopathic chronic pain conditions receiving intensive pain rehabilitation
      Journal of Pediatric Psychology, In press

  • Presentations Title Event Location Date
    Pediatric Pain Assessment Methods and Interventions Used by Mental Health Providers: A Survey by the Pain Special Interest Group of the Society of Pediatric Psychology 35th annual meeting of the American Pain Society Austin, TX 2016
    Examination of bullying history among participants in an interdisciplinary rehabilitation program for pediatric pain Society of Behavioral Medicine Washington, D.C. 2016
    BMI, physical therapy, and functioning change among youth participating in an interdisciplinary program for pediatric pain Society of Pediatric Psychology Atlanta, GA 2016
  • Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
    Project 256574, "Living well with chronic pain: using person-centered e-health design to support self-management Research Council of Norway $14,339 March 18, 2016 - March 18, 2019