Jason Scott Hauptman, MD, PhD

Jason Scott Hauptman, MD, PhD

Neurosciences Center, Neurosurgery, Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, Epilepsy Program, Brain Tumor Program, Cranial Base, Vascular Anomalies, Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine

On staff since September 2017

Children's Title: Interim Surgical Director, Epilepsy Surgery Program; Co-Director, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Program

Academic Title: Associate Professor

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

"Being able to help parents and children in a time of need is our greatest reward and our greatest responsibility. I try my best to treat each family as if they were my own family, and take care of every child as if they were my own."

  • Jason S. Hauptman, MD, PhD, is a board-certified pediatric neurosurgeon and is an associate professor of neurological surgery.  He is a staff neurosurgeon at both Seattle Childrens Hospital and Harborview Medical Center.  He dedicates a significant portion of his clinical practice to the surgical management of epilepsy in children.  For the surgical management of epilepsy, he focuses on the utilization of stereoelectroencephalography (sEEG) including using the ROSA Robotic System, stereotactic laser thermoablation (LITT), neuromodulation such as VNS and RNS, and open surgery such as lobectomy, hemispherectomy, and corpus callosotomy.  As a pediatric neurosurgeon, his job is to take care of children with a wide variety of neurological conditions.  His mission is to deliver the absolute best care to each and every child, and to do it with compassion and diligence.  He is also working hard to increase our understanding and approach to neurological illness through a variety of research efforts and by collaborating with incredible colleagues in the laboratory and at all stages of healthcare delivery. 

    Dr. Hauptman also has a clinical interest in the surgery of tumors involving eloquent cortex, using techniques such as fMRI/rsfMRI planning and awake functional mapping.  His research focuses on translation of novel therapeutics to the bedside, including targeted molecular therapies for epilepsy, as well as patient-oriented approaches to improve outcomes in epilspsy and pediatric neurosurgery.

    Dr. Hauptman received his undergraduate degree from Muhlenberg College.  He then received his M.D. from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now called Rutgers Medical School).  He went on to complete his neurological surgery residency at the University of California, Los Angeles under the leadership of Dr. Neil Martin.  During this time he also completed a doctoral degree in neuroscience, studying the cellular neurophysiology of epilepsy in cortical dysplasia and tuberous sclerosis.  He then went on to complete his pediatric neurosurgery fellowship at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh under the guidance of Dr. Ian Pollack.  He holds a certificate in clinical trials from the University of Washington.

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    • Alexandria Tacoma Washington 05.13.23

      My daughter was born with encephalocele on the back of her head and needed to have surgery at 6 months old to correct that matter. Being able to hold my daughter today im SO incredibly thankful. Dr. Jason Hauptman did a fantastic job. The whole team made a big impact on our lives. My daughter will be 4 years old August 1st. Thank you for doing what you do. You save lives! ♡

    • Cali Spokane WA 01.16.23

      We owe everything to Dr. Hauptman, Our son was born with cortical dysplasia which resulted in him have seizures up to 20 times a day since he was just a few weeks old. When he was 11 months old his Nero and surgical team decided that the best option would be surgery. Hearing that your 1 year old baby has to have brain surgery was beyond scary. We had a meeting with Dr. Hauptman and I didn't think any one could make me feel comforted with the fact of my son having surgery but Dr. Hauptman made me feel at ease and comfortable and every exited and hopeful of our son having the surgery. He was so kind ad patient and described everything in detail and answered every question we had. On October 28th, 2022 Dr. Hauptman did a 6 hour surgery on our baby and *Knock on wood* we have not seen a seizure since! There is no one else i would have rather had or trusted with our son to do this procedure. I am crying while typing this because my entire family is just so beyond grateful for his work and the surgery he did to cure our son! When we arrived at the hospital he was funny and down to earth and felt like we were talking to a friend and he truly truly cared for our son. Any one who will meet Dr. Hauptman can tell that he truly cares about curing and helping children and it is not just a job for him but a passion! We will NEVER stop talking about the miracle he did for our son and we could never truly describe the gratitude that we have for him! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You will forever be a hero for our entire family, God Bless you

    • Karliann Bothell 03.30.21

      Dr. Hauptman performed my daughter's complicated second craniotomy after brain tumor progression. He had to make difficult decisions about how far to go in order to balance treatment with possible side effects of the surgery. I would want him again being the one to make that call! He is always personable and kind, and answers my questions thoroughly and gives me the information I want, which I appreciate. I feel that he treats my daughter like he would his own child. I am grateful for Dr. Hauptman.

    • Terra Orange,CA 06.03.20

      From the bottom of my heart there is truly no doctor I’ve ever been more thankful for than Dr. Jason Hauptman. Dr Hauptman saved my daughter Nova’s life before she was even born. After our daughter Nova was born, Dr Hauptman performed two brain surgeries on her and made it as easy if a process as possible. My story is too long and too emotional to write still but with all my love and every ounce of thankfulness that I have I recommend and appreciate Dr Hauptman. Terra and Nova

    • Rachelle Arlington 04.23.20

      Dr. Hauptman is unlike any other neurosurgeon we've ever seen... and we have seen MANY. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and processes complex situations from all angles. He looks for and considers likely solutions others may overlook. He stepped in and changed the trajectory of ours and our daughters life after she had undergone 15 brain surgeries in just her first year of life. Now she is finally able to focus on growing and learning and experiencing life and joy. Dr. Hauptman is truly one of a kind. Our sweet Kepler will know one day just how amazing this particular neurosurgeon is! That's a promise. Thank you doctor Hauptman from the bottom of our hearts.

    • Melissa Centralia, WA 09.18.18

      Dr Hauptman gave our daughter amazing care, he is a great surgeon! Our 8 month old daughter had a complicated tethered cord repair with unexpected complications. He explained everything to us thoroughly and walked us through the process of getting her spine healed. His attention to detail and patient approach helped him discover an underlying Hydrocephalus condition, which we are very thankful that it was found out sooner rather than later! Dr Hauptman and his care team are the best-- we are so thankful and would recommend him to anyone!

    • Silvia Norwalk,CA 01.15.18

      Our 15yr old son suffered a brain bleed in 2016 due to a ruptured AVM, Dr. Hauptman who was at the time with Kaiser Permanete Hollywood, cared for our son Jhaylen, with compassion and friendliness, always making him and us feel comfortable and at ease even through difficult decisions, and was always honest with diagnosis. we highly recommend Dr. Hauptman, it was very sad as worrisome to see him leave, we are so thankful for physicians like him, he truly was a sent angel

    • Miller-Wakeham WA 11.17.17

      Dr H- This time last year you were in surgery with Eli. It's crazy that it's been a year. Today he went to school, had pizza for lunch, went to PT, teased his sisters a bit, watched TV, ran around, and just got to be a kid. He's living, breathing, and healthy and we're just so grateful. Thank you. For all you've done for our family. If anyone asks Eli about his scar he says "I worked hard for my scar, it saved me. Dr. Hauptman helped me." You're still a household name here and we miss you. We know you're still doing amazing things! Hope you and your family are well. We're forever thankful for you.

    • Rashall Palmdale, Ca 10.19.17

      Dr Hauptman is an AMAZING person, in addition to being an awesome surgeon. He cared for our son who suffered from a Bilateral Grade IV brain bleed. Our son lost over 80% of his brain during a traumatic early birth (23 weeks) and was in the hospital most of the first 14 months of his life. Dr Hauptman was always careful and only performed surgeries that he felt necessary to help him. While realistic and honest with us about his medical opinions, his humanity didn’t crush our faith and hope that things would miraculously happen for our son. Jaxon has done better than anyone could’ve hoped for. During his extended stay Dr Hauptman was a frequent visitor to his room, even just to pinch his cheeks and say hello, during his rounds, even if he wasn’t on his schedule. He truly took care of our whole family and not just our son. We love Dr. Hauptman’s approach and passion for what he does. His father’s heart, helps to him keep his oath of doing no harm and only what is necessary for the good of the patient. Thank you Dr Hauptman for all you did for our family. Los Angeles definitely lost an amazing human being. Washington take care of him or we will ask for him back!

  • Other Publications

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Board Certification(s)

Neurological Surgery

Medical/Professional School

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ
University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Research Description

My research is dedicated to patient-centered outcomes as well as developing novel approaches to treating epilepsy, including clinical trials.