James Alexander Taylor, MD

Pediatrics-Primary Care

On staff since July 1991

  • Other Publications

    • Taylor JA, Weber WJ, Martin ET, McCarty RL, Englund JA
      Development of a symptom score for clinical studies to identify children with a documented viral upper respiratory tract infection.
      20520584 Pediatric research, 2010 Sept. : 252-7
    • Taylor JA, Richter M, Done S, Feldman KW
      The Utility of Alkaline Phosphatase Measurement as a Screening Test for Rickets in Breast-fed Infants and Toddlers: A Study From the Puget Sound Pediatric Research Network.
      20724326 Clinical pediatrics, 2010 Aug. 19
    • Ryan KR, Taylor JA, Bowers LM
      The BAM complex subunit BamE (SmpA) is required for membrane integrity, stalk growth and normal levels of outer membrane {beta}-barrel proteins in Caulobacter crescentus.
      19959579 Microbiology (Reading, England), 2010 March : 742-56
    • Robinson JE, Grindrod J, Jeurissen S, Taylor JA, Unsworth WP
      Prenatal exposure of the ovine fetus to androgens reduces the proportion of neurons in the ventromedial and arcuate nucleus that are activated by short-term exposure to estrogen.
      19741207 Biology of reproduction, 2010 Jan. : 163-70
    • Taylor JA, Geyer LJ, Feldman KW
      Use of supplemental vitamin d among infants breastfed for prolonged periods.
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    • Taylor JA, Wilbur JD, Smith SC, Ryan KR
      Mutations that alter RcdA surface residues decouple protein localization and CtrA proteolysis in Caulobacter crescentus.
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    • Taylor JA, Rietberg K, Greenfield L, Bibus D, Yasuda K, Marcuse EK, Duchin JS
      Effectiveness of a physician peer educator in improving the quality of immunization services for young children in primary care practices.
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    • Taylor JA
      Defining vitamin D deficiency in infants and toddlers.
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    • Darden PM, Taylor JA, Brooks DA, Hendricks JW, Massoudi M, Stevenson JM, Bocian AB
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    • Taylor JA, Loan LA, Kamara J, Blackburn S, Whitney D
      Medication administration variances before and after implementation of computerized physician order entry in a neonatal intensive care unit.
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    • Weber W, Taylor JA, McCarty RL, Johnson-Grass A
      Frequency and characteristics of pediatric and adolescent visits in naturopathic medical practice.
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    • Taylor JA, Goubillon ML, Broad KD, Robinson JE
      Steroid control of gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion: associated changes in pro-opiomelanocortin and preproenkephalin messenger RNA expression in the ovine hypothalamus.
      17151352 Biology of reproduction, 2007 March : 524-31
    • Taylor JA
      Saving the sample closet.
      17294975 Family practice management, 2007 Jan. : 11
    • Taylor JA, Winter L, Geyer LJ, Hawkins DS
      Oral outpatient chemotherapy medication errors in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
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    • Weber W, Taylor JA, Stoep AV, Weiss NS, Standish LJ, Calabrese C
      Echinacea purpurea for prevention of upper respiratory tract infections in children.
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    • Christakis DA, Wright JA, Taylor JA, Zimmerman FJ
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    • Liu Q, Walker SA, Gao D, Taylor JA, Dai YF, Arkell RS, Bootman MD, Roderick HL, Cullen PJ, Lockyer PJ
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      16009725 The Journal of cell biology, 2005 July 18 : 183-90
    • Taylor JA, Kwan-Gett TS, McMahon EM Jr
      Effectiveness of a parental educational intervention in reducing antibiotic use in children: a randomized controlled trial.
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    • Unsworth WP, Taylor JA, Robinson JE
      Prenatal programming of reproductive neuroendocrine function: the effect of prenatal androgens on the development of estrogen positive feedback and ovarian cycles in the ewe.
      15509728 Biology of reproduction, 2005 March : 619-27
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    • Taylor JA
      Oral rehydration: in pediatrics, less is often better.
      15123470 Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine, 2004 May : 420-1
    • Taylor JA, Weber W, Standish L, Quinn H, Goesling J, McGann M, Calabrese C
      Efficacy and safety of echinacea in treating upper respiratory tract infections in children: a randomized controlled trial.
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    • Taylor JA, Darden PM, Brooks DA, Hendricks JW, Baker AE, Wasserman RC
      Practitioner policies and beliefs and practice immunization rates: a study from Pediatric Research in Office Settings and the National Medical Association.
      11826210 Pediatrics, 2002 Feb. : 294-300


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