Eric James Monroe, MD

Eric James Monroe, MD

Interventional Radiology

On staff since July 2015

Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

"For each of my patients, I ask myself what measures can be taken to alleviate suffering or otherwise improve quality of life and how can that be achieved in the least invasive way possible."

    • Chelsea Rosalia, WA 05.19.17

      Dr. Monroe is such an amazing doctor. He has done both my Angioplasty's and both with a great success. He explained each procedure to me in a way that made me feel informed and on the same page as he was. He was very nice and welcoming. I could not have ask for a better doctor for my case.

    • Heather Shoreline, WA 05.30.16

      My son's care could not have been in better hands. Parker was born with an extremely rare, AV Malformation, blood flow issue and though we knew about it prenatally, we were not sure how it would impact him after birth. We took careful time planning for our son's surgical correction and of course were terrified. Dr. Monroe's job was to treat my son, but he actually treated the entire family. He was extremely patient with us as we wavered about what was best for Parker. He walked us through each stage of the process and made sure that we knew exactly what was happening. He answered all of our, often repeated, questions with kindness and empathy. More than anything else, he perfectly corrected Parker's AV malformation and did so without having many documented cases to help guide his actions. Yes, that is how rare my son's condition was. We continue to go in for monthly ultrasounds to verify that everything is as it should be and so far it all looks amazing. I thank Dr. Monroe and his team for not only working miracles in the surgical room, but for having exceptional bedside manner. We absolutely recommend Dr. Monroe!


Clinical Interests

Vascular malformations, transplant, portal, renal, and bronchopulmonary vascular interventions