The Odessa Brown Ken Feldman Award recognizes individuals or teams who encourage, promote and display compassion and advocacy for all people. Nominees and recipients are:

  • Selfless advocates for diverse populations
  • Consistently committed to promoting diversity
  • Inspiration role models and mentors who motivate others to strive to be better people
  • Inclusive, respectful listeners who partner well with others, accept diverse beliefs and embrace “difference”
  • Innovative change agents who actions have a visible impact, whether or not it is formally recognized

Do you know someone like this? Read more about the nominating process in the FAQs below, then fill out and submit a nomination form:

The winner is honored with an award at the Diversity Fair on April 30, 2019, and their names are added to a plaque on the wall near the hospital gift shop with previous years’ winners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nominating

  • What is the Odessa Brown Ken Feldman Award?

    The Odessa Brown Ken Feldman (OBKF) Award is an annual award to recognize an individual or team (staff, affiliate, volunteer) who encourages, promotes or displays respect, compassion and advocacy for all people. Since 2007, the Center for Diversity and Health Equity (CDHE) and Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) have given the award.

    OBCC is an enduring community partner with a dedication to promoting quality pediatric care, family advocacy, health collaboration, mentoring and education in a culturally relevant context. At OBCC, children from birth through 21 receive care from a team of specially trained pediatric care providers. The clinic provides medical, dental, mental health and nutrition services to all families, regardless of their ability to pay.

    One of OBCC’s longest tenured practitioners, Dr. Ken Feldman, has worked with children for most of his life. In 1974, he joined Seattle Children's medical staff and has remained ever since. Feldman is a long-time advocate for children and is consistently recognized by families and the community for promoting children's health and justice.

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  • Who is eligible?

    All employees (direct service providers, support staff, management), affiliates and volunteers of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Foundation or Research Institute are eligible. CDHE, OBCC and Workforce Diversity and Inclusion (WDI) staff members are not eligible. Other staff members for whom diversity and inclusion are core functions of their job are also ineligible. For more information about eligibility, email the CDHE.

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  • Who makes the decision?

    The Odessa Brown Ken Feldman Award committee is the final deciding body.

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  • What are the criteria for nominations?

    We are looking for selfless advocates who promote diversity, inclusion and equity beyond the requirements of their job, who are excellent listeners and inspirational role models.

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  • How can I become involved in the award committee or process?

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