Cost for Classes and Recreational Activities

The tuition for each class varies depending on class topic and duration. Tuition for each class ranges from $240 to $420 per quarter (12 weeks). Price varies for one-time events and outings, depending on activity and duration. See the quarterly calendar and catalog for more information.

    • Zumba, Adaptive PE, Sports: $240
    • Art, American Sign Language (ASL), Baking, Cooking, Music, Band, Glee Club, Around the World, Photography, Gaming, Robotics, Crafts, Gardening, Disney and Film, Science Club, Open Recreation, Five Senses, Film, Farming: $300
    • Outward Bound, Social Skills, Swimming: $420
  • The Alyssa Burnett Center offers a variety of one-time events and outings throughout the year. 

    • Examples of outings are visits to the Seattle Art Museum, the MoPOP, the KEXP studio, the Lynnwood Pool, the pumpkin patch, berry picking, ferry rides, the zoo, biking, and hiking.
    • The cost for participating in these events is around $50.
    • Participation in these events is contingent upon current or previous enrollment in recreational classes at the Alyssa Burnett Center.

Michael Slater Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the generosity of our community supporters, we are delighted to offer the Michael Slater Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships for adults to participate in classes and activities at the Alyssa Burnett Center. Named in honor of a special Burnett Center student, the fund exists to support families and adults who could benefit from the Burnett Center and who demonstrate financial need.

  • Candidates must be 18 years old, demonstrate financial need and have completed the Alyssa Burnett Center intake form (PDF) and the intake process prior to being eligible for aid. This is to determine eligibility for program placement and to ensure the candidate is suited for classes and activities at the Burnett Center.

    After completing the intake process, families can then apply for aid through the Slater Scholarship Fund. Please complete the scholarship application to demonstrate your need for classes and activities. Provide as much detail as possible about how a scholarship may benefit you/your adult.

    Families may receive financial aid for up to 2 quarters of activities at the Burnett Center. Scholarship amounts (paid in classes and recreation activities) will vary based on individual circumstances and need.

    Families must submit applications on a quarterly basis adhering to the following application deadlines. Families will be notified 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the upcoming quarter with confirmation if accepted for aid. A limited amount of scholarships is available, so if you do not receive aid, please submit the application again for future quarters.

    Please contact the program manager at 425-488-6173 or email us with any questions.

  • The scholarship committee meets quarterly to review applications. You will receive an email notification if you have been selected to receive a scholarship. All information provided will be confidential and only shared with the scholarship committee.

Payment and Billing

Credit card, check and DDA respite hours are accepted forms of payment. Tuition for all classes will be due on the first day of the quarter.

  • We currently accept credit cards, debit cards or checks.

  • We have a respite contract with DDA and welcome families who want to use hours to pay for classes. Respite hours can be used toward specific classes or recreation activities and will be billed at the hourly rate. Families who use respite hours must commit to the entire quarter of classes and will be asked to sign a DDA/respite policy agreement, which outlines that if you do not attend a class for any reason (outside of our attendance and cancellation policy), you are required to pay out of pocket for the missed class(es). Please indicate respite hours as a preferred form of payment on your intake form to assist in planning. Please contact us for more information.

  • Please read the Attendance and Registration Policy (PDF).

  • If you are enrolling mid-quarter, we will provide an invoice for the remainder of classes prior to the first day of attendance. For families using DDA, we will bill the case manager based on actual services rendered.

  • The first 4 weeks of the quarter are a grace period to dictate if classes are an appropriate fit; however, past this period, if for any reason the participant decides to drop the class, they will be responsible for paying the remaining balance for the quarter. We ask that you contact us at 425-488-6173 to discuss any programmatic concerns.