The Alyssa Burnett Center Adult Behavioral Program offers specialized behavioral assessment and treatment for adults (18 and older) with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who have challenging behaviors. This unique program specializes in the treatment of challenging behavior using applied behavioral analysis, an evidence-based method that has proven to help reduce challenging behavior. Sessions are conducted at the Alyssa Burnett Center and offer access to various classroom settings to test if the treatment can be successful in a natural, non-clinical environment.

Treatment and Outcomes

The focus of this program is to provide parent/caregiver consultation, brief behavioral assessment and treatment of challenging behavior. During the course of the visits, a behavioral analyst will work with caregivers to conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA). Following the FBA, a function-based treatment plan will be developed and treatment recommendations will be implemented by caregivers with coaching from program staff. The length of the service will be determined by the results of the assessment.

Treatment is designed to:

  • Decrease challenging behaviors that get in the way of learning and daily functioning.
  • Help remove the barriers to being a part of the community
  • Create the foundation for future successes by promoting access to employment, activities and socialization services.


The Adult Behavioral Program is suited for people who:

  • Are ages 18 or older with a developmental disability, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who have challenging behaviors, including physical or verbal aggression, self-injurious behavior, property destruction, elopement or tantrums. Adults with any symptoms of psychosis are not eligible.
  • Have a parent, caregiver, guardian or family member who can attend and participate in all sessions.

How to Enroll

To begin the intake process, please complete the intake form (DOC). You are not eligible to begin the program until all paperwork has been submitted. You can fax it to 206-985-3341 or email it to us.

If you are interested in learning more or seeing if your adult is eligible for these services, please email Greg Breznican or call 425-482-4274.

Payment and Billing

Private pay

The rate for private pay sessions is $85 per hour. Typical treatment sessions last 12 weeks and consist of one hour per week. Depending on each client’s needs and treatment objectives, the frequency and duration may vary.

Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA)

Currently, this service is being trialed through a Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) contract and is available to eligible individuals with DDA waivers or IFS funding. Interested clients must contact their case manager to determine eligibility, and must receive denials from alternative sources and approval from their case manager before any services can be offered. Please contact your case manager for more information.


Thanks to the generosity of our community supporters, we are delighted to offer scholarships to participate in the program. Candidates must complete the intake form (DOC) and complete the intake process prior to being determined as eligible for aid. This is to determine eligibility for program placement and to ensure the candidate is suited for the treatment through the ABP. 

Scholarships will offer aid for the initial intake appointment and enrollment in a 12-week behavioral program, with each session lasting one hour. Appointments will take place at the Alyssa Burnett Center in Bothell.

Application process

After completing the intake application, families can then apply for aid. Please complete the scholarship application to demonstrate your need for this service, and provide as much detail as possible about how a scholarship may benefit you/your adult.

The scholarship committee will meet weekly to review applications and will contact you directly if you are selected for aid.

Eligibility criteria

Scholarship applicants must be 18 years old, have completed the Adult Behavioral Program intake form and demonstrate financial need. Provide as much detail as possible to help convey financial need, and how aid would benefit the adult participant.

Once granted financial aid, families sign a contract agreeing to the terms of the service. If the client has more than three cancellations, we may meet with you to discuss suspending the service and scholarship aid.